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Do you ever take time to stare at the stars? I must admit, there is no better experience than sitting outside on a cool, breezy night and staring at the sky. Staring at the stars. Watching the movement of the clouds. There is no experience more magical. No moment in time can bring dreams to more of a reality than the moment in which we feel that we can reach out and touch the stars and planets above us, or next to us. Being one with nature and the universe is being one with ourselves. That moment of communication with the universe and our planet is moving on many levels. As great of an experience it is, we overlook the importance of being able to take advantage of it.
The last few nights, as I helped watch my neighbor’s dog while they were out of town, I stood in my driveway and gave the sky a gaze. The cool breeze in the air was gently felt through my plush robe. I stood in my driveway at a little after midnight, with my hands in my pockets, and I stared into the night sky. The sky was clear, and the stars were bright and visible. Tonight, the white clouds were moving across the sky in the same manner they would as if it were day time. Looking past the clouds at the stars helped me realise something: we are extremely far away from these stars that seem so close. We are also closer to the clouds than what we may think we are. This moment of relativity sent a pulling feeling through my body, as if I was being pulled toward the sky.
Seeing the tree branches reach up into the night sky, almost touching the clouds, made me feel as if all I had to do was climb up to the highest reaching tree branch, hop on a cloud and be closer to the stars than ever. It seems as though this is impossible based upon the limited teachings of our failed education system, but honestly, anything is possible.
Aside from the extraordinary feelings that came over me when I looked into the night sky, I saw many things. I saw the basic constellations that I was taught to recognise in my early educational years such as the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper. I also saw many shapes with the stars that I was not taught to see, such as about seven stars in the shape of an arrow which pointed to a brighter glowing star. In addition, I saw what seemed to be a star that flickered, or unstable light. There was what seemed to be a star, or UFO even, zipping quickly in and out of sight. What intrigued me most was the red star I saw. I blinked my eyes repeatedly, and even looked at the stars around it to ensure that my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me. Yes! I saw a red star, or a star with a red glow to it, in the night sky. This was absolutely remarkable! There are so many stories about whether there are stars that move in and out of human eyesight, as well as stories of a red star or planet. These sightings have given me hope, that these stories are true, and those who wish to keep such greatness a secret are truly failing.
We are all a part of The Universe. We are all a small segment of the greater “God”. Most of us are disconnected from that greater union. However, it is not too late to make the connection with ourselves, our planet, and our universe needed in order to transcend into the next dimension and existence that many cultures, individuals and general groups of people say is among us. It is a time for consciousness. It is a time to study our true past, not the history of war and corruption, but the history of our true connection to this Earth and The Universe that truly created us. The time has come for change, and The Great Change is bigger than politics, religion and this physical world. Take time and look into the stars. What do you see?

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  1. It’s amazing what happens when you become one with nature. I agree that we need to study our past and connect each other based on that knowledge. When I look at the stars, I see myself as an international speaker, trainer, writer and online media personality. Of course, all of these positions will allow me to share the knowledge I find to make connections.

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