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Dear Love,
You are the inspiration that carries me through the days. Oh, how I anticipate the moments in which I am able to escape to a dream land with you in my mind. I daydream everyday about the times we shall share together. I travel through the astral world to be in your arms nightly. The very thought of you sends a feeling of comfort and security throughout my body and soul. My love, I love thee. Oh, how I love thee! You see me in ways that I am unable to see myself. You hear me in octaves that I knew not could come from me. You are the very essence of me.
When I look into your eyes, I see my Self. I see my soul. When I run my fingers through your hair, I feel like I am touching the clouds. When I make love to you, I am no longer able to tell where I am, for when I am with you, I am in heaven.
Love, my dearest love. Where art thou? Why do you continuously hide from me? Although we are so far apart, I can still feel you with me, and knowing that I cannot physically be with you is torture. It tortures my mind and it tortures my spirit. I need your embrace. I need to be able to physically touch your face. I long to see your eyes beyond the endless limitations of my mind.
How long, my love? How long will it be? How long until I am able to finally say that you are here with me? I need thee. You need me. You may not know it yet, but you are me. I am you. We are one. I am the moon and you are the illuminating sun. My love, when will you come?
In any case, I wait. I shall wait for the day that you will manifest before me. I save myself for you and you only. No one can see me. No one can touch me. No one will be given the opportunity to pretend that he or she can love me, for you are the love for me. The Cosmic has shown it to be so. The Cosmic has spoken the truth of our oneness, and I shall follow. Alas, I await once more, and I shall continue to wait until you finally open the door. For on the other side, that is where you will find me.
Sincerest regards,
The One Who Waits

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