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Chorus/ Hook: 
I’m addicted to you
Addicted to your love
And everything you do
I’m addicted to your body
So come on and make love to me
Verse 1:
Boy you just don’t know how I get
When I see you
See your sexy body
I just don’t know what to do
If I could just take you home wit me
Take all of your clothes off
And make you happy
Baby ‘cuz
(Chorus/ hook)
Verse 2:
Baby when I’m with you
I just get so hot
I wanna make love to you
Until you scream out stop
I’ll let you hold and touch me
And kiss my sexy body
Make love to you all through the night
Until the morning light
Now that you’re mine
Let’s not waste no time
I’m addicted to your sexy
Body I just can’t help it
If this night could only
Last for eternity
You’re just so good oh my
Why do we ever have to say goodbye
**This is the original draft written when I was 13 years old.** I’m thinking about tweaking and updating this.** 🙂

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