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Spiritual ascension goes far beyond the mere ability to master this life and make things of this world work to our will and desires.  The transition from lower planes of consciousness to higher planes is an inward transmutation that is to be manifested and expressed outwardly as we choose to remain in this physical world. The Consciousness of the Gods is a plane of awareness and being that leads our physical bodies to look up into the stars and the universe and feel at home with what is beyond this physical place.
The Secret Doctrine of the Rosicrucians by Magus Incognito illustrates that if the soul has reached the plane of God Consciousness at the time of physical death, or transition, then while in the astral world, that soul continues to ascend into the various spheres of universal existence. The soul will then have no desire that attaches it to the mundane world that in turn leads to reincarnation.
To truly have this heavenly experience, we must understand that in this life, we must complete what unfinished business we have. We must find complete and true fulfillment. We must relinquish the desire to be attached to what is manifest on the physical plane and move beyond the desires of the animal soul. The perfection of the soul personality can and will be attained by the person who comes to higher understanding of the planes of consciousness and dedication of oneself to God and Righteousness. The person must not only understand, but also believe that the goal can be attained, and then go forth to do the work.
This week’s Affirmative Action meditation will help you attune to the inner desire and will to ascend to higher planes of universal existence. This will help you to reprogram your belief about your ability to become perfect inwardly so that you manifest that perfection outwardly: as within, so without. Click on the photo below to get started now!

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