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The Righteous Life is a lifestyle that we all strive to manifest. We all have a spark of Divine Light and Godliness within us, and we constantly seek out ways to bring that goodness out into the manifested world. Many of us take in historical anecdotes about various philosophical and spiritual leaders of the past as points of reference as to how to live righteously. Although we mean well when we study the legends of Confucius, Buddha, Jesus Christ, and many others, the real message of their living examples often becomes lost in translation.
Living a righteous life is more than preaching the words spoken by men from a remote past; it’s following the examples of the righteous leaders and making our own way through life in the image our divinely manifested Selves. We are supposed to heed the words written in our holy texts and follow the examples of those who have served humanity in the highest ideal, not repeat what someone else has spoken as if we are parrots, and metaphorically fly around — high and mighty — attempting to shit on everyone and everything that is below us.
The Righteous Life requires a straight and narrow path of chastity — holding back from desire — and goodness. The Righteous Life is about harmonious living fused with honesty, respect, and transparency. This week’s Affirmative Action will manifest a vibrational change in your energy that will help you attune to your own Highest Good and inspire you to go forth in living The Righteous Life!
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