Posted on: February 8, 2014 Posted by: Felicia S. C. Gooden Comments: 0

Visualization is a technique that is talked bout my mystics, New Age Spiritualists, and many others who seek to manifest their desires into reality. The combination of our imaginative powers within our minds combined with the emotions and inner feelings that our desires fill us with generate a very powerful energy streams that flows throughout The Cosmos and works with the invisible forces in order to bring things and people into our lives that create opportunities for our wildest dreams to become reality.
The real trick to all of this is that we not only pray and visualize, but we also be consciously aware of how The Cosmic responds to our requests and what comes our way that will be the open door towards manifesting our dreams. This means that we have to have faith in our prayer, power, and visualized future. We have to fully believe that it will manifest — and that’s if the opportunity is not already in our lives.
This weeks Affirmative Action is simply the basis of effectively executing our visualization techniques. There’s more to it than seeing and mentally believing, we have to feel it and know that it is done!
These initial experiments will all build upon one another in time to manifest a powerful attunement and manifestation experience. With ongoing practice, we will really be able to see the power of our words and minds in action, leading to another dimension of using our own natural gifts to demolish the illusion of separation and limitation! Click on the photo below to access the Affirmative Actions online now!


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