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There are often times when I retreat to the safety net known as my own mind. I am a dreamer. I dream everyday and every night. I dream with my eyes open, and closed. With so much chaos in the world, I must have the ability to retreat to my dream world, where everything makes sense. Everything is right. I need my dreams, as they keep my blood pumping and my body going. My dreams keep my spirit alive, my energy new, and my psyche somewhat sane.
Recent events have given me a new dream, and this lucid dream plays in my mind over and over. It becomes more elaborate as the moments pass. I work in the fashion industry. Although I love my Visual Merchandising, I was born to write. One of my posts “Fashion’s Night Out” got some very encouraging feedback. As I thought about what was written in the commentary, I realised that there may be more in the fashion industry for me than what I thought.
Writing marketing blogs for my brand would be a great start to my career as a writer. An opportunity to live in San Francisco and work at Banana Republic’s headquarters creating chic and classy fashion blogs and throwing around new and innovative ideas would be a dream come true! Fashion and writing together? Why didn’t I think of this before? Fashion could definitely be a gateway industry for me, I simply love it!
In this dream, I would learn a new city, attend lavish parties and networking events and sit outside with a cup of coffee, allowing the breeze to inspire me. I would stay in contact with those at my home store and make sure that their talents were seen as well. My family would no longer have to worry about finances, as real progress is being made in ambitious endeavors. New Year’s would be a big “To-Do” as I would fly out to New York City and celebrate a new life with my closest friends.
As time goes on in this dream, my 25th birthday would come around. I would plan with corporate heads to have an exclusive “Happy Hour” event at my home store on my birthday in celebration. Music, cocktails, celebrity clientele, and me, The Birthday Girl. There would be a sale of course, my gift to our customers on my birthday would be a chance to use my personal discount on everything in the store! I’m excited already by thinking about the possibilities. After the event, there would be an after-party at an exclusive club in Atlanta; however, I would not head out to my own party until my old store was put back together, as I never forget where I come from. Since my birthday will be on a Friday in 2012, the celebration would go through the whole weekend, but Saturday and Sunday would be more for close family and friends.
In between all of the parties and work and fun, I would work on finishing my first book. I have already started compiling all of the poems that I have written since the age of 11. In the dream, the book will be coming to a point of completion with a huge photo shoot involved. I have even seen the epic book cover in my mind, and I am ready to make it a reality!
What is interesting about this goal oriented dream is that it brings back memories of a subconscious dream I had some years ago. I was 16, and in the dream I was at the bus stop wearing a white top and black pants. I had a huge suitcase and I was on my way to California. When I got there, I arrived at a lavish home. The foyer had ceramic tile flooring and all the walls were white.  There was what seemed to be a closet in front of me. I opened the doors and there was a stereo lit up on a glass table. I then entered, and as I turned to my right, there was a staircase. I walked down the staircase and found that I was in a finished basement. But there was something interesting about this basement. It was fully furnished with bread everywhere! Packaged loaves of bread, sliced bread and even whole, unsliced loaves of bread were all over the place. I looked around in amazement, then I went back up stairs and there were three bedrooms, all furnished. There was one bedroom that was painted blue, and in that room was a full sized bed, hanging posters and a television. I do not remember much more of this dream, but my life now seems to bring about a new relevance to it.
In any case, I am moving forward through each day with an open mind and spirit. I am looking forward to any and all opportunities. There is a full moon tonight, and her illumination and magic are sending vibes through my body and soul that I cannot describe. As a Cancer, ruled by the moon, this is meaningful to me. It would be wonderful to live out a dream. It would be perfect to be able to share its reality with others. Until my dreams do come true, I will continue to dream and envision. All forms of success start with one person dreaming a little dream, and so I continue. Dream on.

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