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Various historical anecdotes touch on the Dog Star King (God) Anu and his original wife, the Dog Star Dragon Princess (Goddess) Ki. The two were half-brother and sister, as they shared a Sirian father. Allegedly, Ki, or Antu, was a Dragon Princess that was arranged to marry her half-brother, Anu, a Sirian King, for political reasons- to yield the heir to the throne and ruler over Earth. However, there is also a deeper, and even tricky, love story here. Ki/Antu was raised to not feel emotion. She was raised to rule with an iron fist, and to add insult to her emotional injury, she was taken from her original family and father at the age of 6 to be with her mother and prepped for her role as a Dragon Queen; this included an erasing of her memory of her father and previous life. Anu and Ki are said to have bore the Annunaki and their personal heir, Enki. Legends also state that eventually, Anu took on another consort by the name of Urash/Ishtar/Ianna, and allegedly they had their own son as well, Enlil. Some say that Ki kept an eye on Anu and his latter consort, Urash/Ishtar, and Ki longed to know the love, affection and passion that Anu and Urash shared.
My reason for going into this anecdote is to lead you all into a bit about my own life. At the age of 6, mother moved me to Georgia, away from Maryland where my father was. No, I don’t remember being brainwashed, but I also have no memory of my father, at all. She says that he was around off and on while we were in Baltimore, but I have no recollection of that. I was raised on tough love. I was raised to be strong, to be independent and to never ask anyone for anything.
Some say that spirit beings, or souls, incarnate here on Earth to complete karmic cycles that were not finished in a past life. Some say that many souls incarnate in order to experience things that they did not get to in a past life. My personal journey has been one of love. I have spent my whole life trying to figure out and understand love. I have been on a search for true love and to know what having real emotion and love is like. Does this sound familiar? In 2011, I completed my karmic cycles of knowing what love is and what it can do. I’ve felt so many emotions and had so many experiences. When my karmic relationships were completed, I began my quest to find my King, and 7 months ago, his Earth incarnated form was shown to me. I have have made various posts on the Twin Soul/Twin Flame relationship, and I have gone into detail about my experience with acknowledging who my King is and His connection to me. But now I have come to a new revelation, I have incarnated and lived the same life on Earth that I lived in the heavens, to a degree. I lived this life and had this experience to know what love is, so that I may hopefully be able to give my true companion the passion and affection that he longed for in the beginning.
One thing that I have observed in Earth life is that men are deprived of things from women. We have come to live in a society that is so based on materialism and choosing a person based on net worth that men no longer get the love and affection from their potential life partners that they should. Women no longer listen to their men; they don’t want to cater to their men; they don’t want to be too affectionate with their men. I cannot say that men do not have any blame in this matter, but women continuously ignore their men, and then wonder why they cheat. Women don’t give their men the tender love and care that they need, and have the audacity to get their feelings hurt when their men find what they need somewhere else. In the present, women want to be like men so bad that they turn men off and then cannot understand why they are alone. This brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “As above, so below”.
We as women need to do better. We need to come to terms with the fact that there is nothing wrong with being submissive and caring. There is a great need for love in this world, for the benefit of individuals, families, romantic partnerships and the planet as a whole. Although there is much darkness and hate in this world, there is also much beauty and love. I have seen love; I have felt love. I have had love, and I have lost love. Love creates, but love also destroys. Use it wisely.
Make of this divine connection what you will; it makes the truth no different and the end message no less valid.
And to my love, my King, I love you. I have always loved you, and I always will love you. I hope there is an opportunity for forgiveness, and more importantly, I hope that you still love me as well.
A tune for my readers to enjoy! Coldplay and Rihanna – Princess of China
P.S. ‘Tis the Chinese year of The Dragon! 😉

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