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ATLANTA, Oct. 8, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — A long-time student of mysticism, spirituality, and the arts has taken her knowledge, wisdom, and natural talents to the next level. Felicia S. C. Gooden is an artist and self-published author who seeks to illuminate the world with truth, beauty, and wisdom via published works and artistic creations. Her latest projects, The ARTchitect eMagazine and her new eBook, Questionable Thoughts, provide readers and art lovers alike with constructive and inspiring experiences to be enjoyed from any place on the planet.
The ARTchitect
The ARTchitect eMagazine is a premium, digital publication dedicated to esoteric spirituality and the arts. As a practicing Christian mystic and spiritual alchemist, Felicia has discovered various ways to expand one’s consciousness, transmute one’s life, and become closer to God via the arts. Thus, she created The ARTchitect eMagazine to share this knowledge and give other spiritual writers and divinely inspired artists an opportunity to illuminate the earth with ancient wisdom that is becoming more prevalent in pop culture today.
Felicia said in a statement, “I want to bring people to God through art, and this publication is just the beginning of manifesting my art ministry for the world.”
The Fall 2014 issue contains inspired poetry, meditation experiments, a piece on a contributor’s Drum Journey (drumming vision quest) and an exclusive interview with self-proclaimed Philosophical Artist, Sarah Anderson. A wealth of knowledge and exquisite art, The ARTchitect is set to make a huge impact on the lives of many through illuminating information and divine inspiration.
Questionable Thoughts
Felicia’s second self-published eBook, Questionable Thoughts, is a poetic masterpiece meant to expand the reader’s mind when it comes to knowledge, wisdom, and universal truth. While most of the world population pretends to have life’s most meaningful questions figured out, Felicia challenges the reader to dig deeper and explore one’s understanding of very important concepts pertaining to one’s world view.
“I’m about quality over quantity, and I find the wordy, academic presentation of Western mystics to be a bit cumbersome, while Eastern mystics are more soulful and artistic. I sought to manifest both styles in this eBook, with a focus on poetic expression. I want people to meditate and contemplate the greater truths about life and attune with the great thinkers of the past in some way,” Felicia said.
The eBook is about 4,000 words in length, and the quality of the content is impeccable. There are four main sections, each with an image to meditate on, and the end of the text contains timeless meditation experiments that can be used daily to improve the quality of one’s lifestyle. The eBook is available on iBooks, Amazon Kindle, and
The Theological Aesthetician and The ARTchitect’s Studio
Felicia is an active student of theology, mysticism, occultism, and visual art. She has been an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church for over a year and has recently become a Local Church Lay Servant with the United Methodist Church. During the process of giving her life to serving God’s will, Felicia founded The ARTchitect’s Studio in January 2013 to house her own own artwork and inspired writings online. In June of this year, she expanded The ARTchitect’s Studio’s website to an online art gallery featuring mystical artists from around the world! The website also includes meditation experiments for spiritual alchemy and her latest publications, The ARTchitect eMagazine and Questionable Thoughts.
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