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matrixWe often begin our ascension journeys by realizing that we are trapped in a matrix of lies and negative energy — lower vibrations. As we climb the ladder towards enlightenment and illumination, we find that the only thing truly holding us in the grip of the illusory cage is our own state of consciousness. But expanding consciousness is more than just being more aware of our surroundings, its a process of getting to know ourselves and being in tune with the divine messages encoded in all of our experiences.
Onward and upward
Occultists and students of esotericism often speak about the symbolic ladder that we climb to the point of illumination. Each rung on the seven-step ladder is a level of consciousness to be mastered — a vice to be conquered, a virtue to be acquired. As we grow and purify ourselves in mind, body, and spirit we grow in our consciousness and begin to feel a bit more free in our experiences.
The most important energy that we must transmute in our alchemical journey is that of fear. Eliminating fear is what leads to full freedom in our life experiences. We find ourselves fearing ourselves and our own power. We fear the opinions of others when it comes to our life choices. We limit ourselves with fears of the unknown. We engage in fear propaganda that holds us back from walking the road less traveled to true illumination and understanding the mysteries of the universe. We must overcome fear. We must eliminate it. However, while many say that we must transmute fear into love, I find that we must transmute fear into courage.
Transmutation of self to Self
As we come into knowing our true Selves, we must then gain the courage to go forth and be ourselves. Hence my own personal philosophy, Be Thyself. Fear of knowing must be transmuted into the courage needed to go forth into the unknown and learn new things. We must gain the courage to get out of our comfort zones and explore the depths of our personalities and the workings of universal laws.
While we will face much scrutiny from the masses, and even our friends and family, on our journey toward The Greater Light, we cannot allow the human desire for outward approval from others to rule our lives. The path of creating our own lives requires a mind and heart ready to stay the course and have the courage to look all of humanity in the metaphorical face and say, “This is who I am! Deal with it!”
We are usually one ladder away from completely manifesting our dreams and desires, but we have to reach out and lift ourselves up to the next level of conscious being in order to make manifest. While the bottom of the ladder contains entrapment, fear, discouragement, and all things unpleasant — the symbolic hell — the top of the ladder contains enlightenment, encouragement, hope, faith, and most important — spiritual and physical freedom.
Started from the bottom, now we’re here
Transmutation of one’s consciousness, spiritual being, and physical life is a gradual process. In a world of instant gratification, we can find ourselves so caught up in the excitement of transmutation that we seek to manifest instant results. We must always remember that all great things take time and patience, and our spiritual ascension is no different from any other process of attainment that we experience in life.
The process of climbing the symbolic ladder from fear, darkness, and ignorance to courage, light, and illumination is intense and filled with much inner and outer work. From prayer and meditation to changing our diets and exercising habits, there is always much work to be done, but in the end we feel more energized. We feel like we can take on the world and all it has to throw at us. We feel like we can achieve anything. We feel free!
When we finally reach the apex of the initial stage of freeing our minds and spirits, we will energetically feel more free — we will feel more open. The heavy feeling of life’s burdens are lifted. We can finally feel a sense of wholeness like never before. However, we must also remember that the process of growth and evolution is continuous and never-ending. We are always learning and understanding everything more and more, on deeper and deeper levels. So go forth and know thyself, be thyself, and most importantly, free thyself!

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