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They say that Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that hinders a person from being able to tell the difference between real and unreal experiences. A “loss of touch with reality” is always labeled as being crazy, but what is reality to say that anyone has “lost touch” with it? How do we know that we aren’t simply experiencing multiple dimensions of one reality?  The Reality.
The New Age Movement is preaching that we are at a time of Great Change, and we are. The planet is apparently ascending into a new realm of existence, and we, humanity, are ascending along with it. This ascension, as it relates to humanity, is into the 5th dimension, an existence of Light, Love and Purity. This is a spiritual transformation that will have physical and metaphysical affects on us all. For all of my life, I have been a 4th dimensional being, waiting to fully express her Self. I not only experience this 3-D physical experience, but I connect to the spiritual realm as well. As a young one, I would often have dreams that would manifest. I would “foresee” things or events. It scared me, as I was young and did not understand what was going on, so I repressed the talent.
Now, I have come to accept my full spiritual, 4-D self. I allow myself to experience what is directly in front of me, in the physical and the metaphysical. I am moving towards the point where not only do my dreams manifest, but my thoughts manifest also. If I feel that I do not want something or someone, it manifests exactly that way. I also have experiences in which I have dreams and even write out certain events that have happened in the past.
The Will of the Ride: There was a day in which I had to go grocery shopping. I had to plan out my course of action in obtaining a ride home, as I do not drive. There is an older man that gives cheap rides that I will often call upon, but on that day, I had no real want to deal with him, as he tends to “work my nerves”. The potential downside to this feeling was that I would have had to pay more money for a cab, and I had it made up in my mind that I wanted to pay no more than $10. After I completed my shopping, I called the older man for a ride and got his voice mail. I then had my mother call for a cab, and the cab driver gave me a ride without running the meter. I was only charged $10 for the ride, just as I willed it to be.
A Channeled History: As I am working on a new novel entitled Royal Blood, I spent a whole night brainstorming what I wanted the story to be and how I wanted it to play out. I discussed it with my family and got plenty of good feedback and ideas for a epic tale. Last week, I viewed a YouTube video that had yet another alternative story of creation that actually links together all of the current ones that we know and may love today. As I was reading the scanned texts in the video, I literally read what I had written out a few weeks prior. To keep from telling my book, I will simply say that the event was uncanny, and it caused me to remember various dreams I have had over time. I now feel that I have visited past worlds, and that is if I haven’t actually lived in them.
The Dream Job: The other day, I had a dream that I was in a mall that I used to work at. I was on a job interview and my chances of getting the job were looking pretty bright. As I walked through the mall after the interview, I ran into an old friend of mine and we were talking about how things at her place of work were doing, as well as the interview I had just been on. I awakened out of my sleep wondering why I was having such dreams, as life experience through the will of The Cosmic showed me that retail was not where I needed to be. I remember saying to myself, half asleep, “Why am I dreaming of this place? Oh well, I need some money.” As I was falling back into my slumber, my phone rang. I answered, and it was a friend of mine calling me with a business proposition.
The Twin Soul: This is my hardest challenge yet. For about 6 months now, I have been racking my brain like crazy trying to figure out why I have such a connection to a man in this world that seems untouchable, at least until now. As I do more research on this young man, I find more and more similarities between he and myself. There are parallels in our interests, career choices and even our names. The first signal that there may be something beyond this 3-D limited consciousness was our middle names. Our middle names are the same word with two letters switched around. I like to think of this as the manifestation of our Yin/Yang connection, as his name is the male version of the word and my name is the female version. I began to think that maybe he was being “shown” to me and my feelings developed in the way they had, because I needed to heal myself in order to be able to connect to the Divine Love that is out in the world for me.
On a Sunday, about two weeks ago, after a day of spiritual regenerating, I had found a peace within myself and The Connection I was experiencing. I had accepted the fact that I have a connection to him that cannot be explained, and I was willing to be at peace with that and love him unconditionally. I was ready to positively let him go and be happy in his life, as he is already in a relationship that he thinks he is happy in. Just as I was affirming that I could let go in peace, a Facebook friend of mine posted a picture of this individual on my profile “wall”. This warmed my heart and I was pleased. He struck up conversation around, what I would like to believe is, the object of my infatuation. My friend brought up something about My Love’s dating life, and I double checked to make sure I was right in knowing what’s going on. Now before I continue, I must make clear that a few months ago I had daydreams about meeting My Other Half and his current girlfriend in a karaoke bar. Why a karaoke bar, I did not know. But on that Sunday when I had to double check my sources, I found an old news article saying that my Soul Twin had, in fact, met his current girlfriend in a karaoke bar. This was officially a moment that left no room for doubt.
I have “a gift”, as a friend tells me. I am more than a 3-dimensional manifestation of abstractions, and in all honesty, we all are. We all have “gifts”. We all have “special” talents. Most importantly, we all have Divine Connections to things, people and places that simply cannot be explained in a rational manner, unless one is speaking to a mystic. I have said in a previous post, Divine Purpose: The Light Worker, that my spirit body has manifested here on Earth many times, originally from a planet in the Sirius Star system. I recall a name of mine, from a past life, being Aseenah, which translates to: I See Now. I now see who I Am, and what I am capable of. I remember much, and things are becoming clearer by the day, even by the moment. I understand that I have a “gift” of Sight, and I See a lot now.
See your Self. Look for your gifts, and embrace them. I have done this for myself, and I am enjoying every moment of it, including the moments when I can’t tell what’s real and what’s not. 😉
In the meantime, as I await the physical union of myself and my Twin, I shall share with you all a song and music video by Rihanna that seems to be VERY relevant these days. Enjoy!

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