Posted on: November 17, 2011 Posted by: Felicia S. C. Gooden Comments: 0

I must say, negativity is truly everywhere; however, we do not have to settle for keeping it around. Those closest to us will be possessed by demons and go out of their way to hold us back. They will be hateful, and love will keep us close to them. Yet, there is always a time when we have to stop and say “Enough is enough!” We have to allow ourselves to be free of the demons that we let into our lives. We have to banish them away from us, never to return. The negativity must be forced to vanish.
Many of us pray for guidance and positivity. We look above our heads for answers that dwell within us. There must be a time in which we realise that the answers to all of our questions and prayers are not only in the universe, but they are also within our souls. In order to banish negativity, we must allow ourselves to be open to the positive. We must meditate on what will bring us joy and happiness, and we must continuously focus on that.
When we sit down to pray, we pray alone. This is because we are not only putting positive vibes and solutions into the universe, but we are also talking to ourselves. We are telling “God” what we want and need, and in that same breath we are verbalising those needs to ourselves. We must remember that we are all a form of “God” manifested into physical consciousness. “God” is not as external as the “Powers that Be” teach us to believe. The true light and power is in and around us, all we have to do is tap into it. We must take responsibility for each and every situation that we are in, and not only express our concerns outwardly, but also be willing to be the solution to our own problems from within.
Put up the wall, and line it with barbed wire. Electrify it with positivity and light. Ignite your torches with the flames of truth. Banish negativity and demons with the spell of spiritual strength and personal belief in self. Cause what brings you down to vanish in an instant. We all have moments in which we feel defeated, but we often have not lost. As long as we keep believing in ourselves and our own individual potential, failure will never be an option. Every setback will become a step forward. Every situation that does not work out as planned is the universe setting things up for us to be in situations that will bring better blessings that the moment prior ever could have.
Those who go out of their way to bring us down, are the negative forces often referred to as “The Devil” working against us. We often have to look at our family members and close friends and see them as the demons that dwell within them, and not those who love us. We must differentiate between love and hate. We must no longer allow the failures of others to hold us back from our own success. Break free! Take life for all it has to offer! Have no fear! Be alive!

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