Posted on: May 2, 2013 Posted by: Felicia S. C. Gooden Comments: 0

Love is an experience often dreaded, usually due to the past,
And even when we move on from the pain, we’re afraid that love won’t last.
We go forth in life, yearning for more, seeking to fulfill our needs.
We continue the cycle of the same again, just trying to plant some seeds.
We want to seed our future – yes – we want to feel our bliss.
And yet we can’t handle the times that come when our Loves are to be missed.
The time away should not cause pain, and yet we still seem to shudder,
Due to the paranoia we create of our Loves being with another.
Love is bliss. Love is life. Love is all we need.
Love is the very essence of our being, and often why we bleed.
Love is now. Love is later. Love is surely forever.
Love is the reason to give and receive – the purpose of our coming together.
I love you now. I love you tomorrow. I love you forever and always.
This burning desire I feel for you shall go beyond both of our days.
To love and be loved is the experience we all go through this life and seek.
Love is the reason for our very being; we just have to learn to receive.

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