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If we’re here to manifest heaven on Earth, then shouldn’t we fully embrace the experience of being on Earth? Should we not embrace every aspect of this worldly life in order to understand it and then work to make it more pleasurable for our existence? At this point of my growth and experience in this life, I have come to find that I am here to fully embrace all that there is to be embraced about this life on Earth at this moment. Some mystics say that we should detach from the illusory and attach to the permanent. Some New Agers say that we should raise our vibrations and be willing to let go of those things that are at lower vibratory levels. I say that we should embrace all that is here in our everlasting “Now Moment” – high and low, illusory and permanent.
The “Now Moment” – the everlasting conscious moment that we delude ourselves into believing can be measured by calling it “time” – this is all that matters. Being in the present moment is about embracing all that there is to be experienced in this continuous, everlasting Now. There’s a lot of talk about the polarity of life – light and dark, good and bad. Some say that there is only light and the absence of light. The night can only be seen because of the absence of sunlight. I’m kind of beyond this whole either/or perspective of existence, and in all honesty, I always have been. There is more than black and white, there’s this divine spectrum of grays and silvers. There is more than red and blue, there is this amazing spectrum of purples and lavender. I’m not an extremist, but we live in an extreme world. I’m finding that mastering life may not really be about the Left Hand Path vs. the Right Hand Path or the battle of Light Beings against the Dark Lords – it’s about embracing and being one with both. Union. Integration.
The-universe-the-universe-10732134-1728-1152We are all made up of the same star dust, the same good and bad, the same happiness and sadness, the same control and indiscretion, so why are we fighting ourselves constantly about what it really means to be ourselves? To Be Thyself is to embrace and be one with all aspects of one’s personality, and if there is something that is not in harmony with one’s existence, then one should consciously work to bring one’s thoughts, will, and actions into harmony with one’s self and the universe. But we can’t really know ourselves if we continue to reject these things about ourselves that we don’t like. We have to confront these things and accept them. Reconcile and release – even overcome.
For me, living this life to the fullest is not just detaching from the illusion of only being in the material world and attaching to the permanence of cosmic consciousness, it’s about embracing this experience of the material world completely without becoming attached to it. The point of going out of body and understanding the process of death is so that we as soul beings can detach from the need to hold on to this material world and understand that there are multiple dimensions to be experienced – even while in these bodies – but this study does not mean that once we get it, it’s time to check out. We are not here in this material world just to figure out how to get back out of it, we are here to fully embrace this physical experience, and studying the ways of the universe and the process of transition is a way to remember that we are not this material experience, but we are only to have this material experience. The point is to understand that this material dimension is not final, and that we can consciously go back to source energy when our time here is spent or when we are simply ready to go, as we have done all that we can to embrace this experience completely.
I think the key to reincarnation is simply based in our forgetting to embrace this material existence without becoming attached to it. We incarnate again because we simply haven’t let go of this dimension; we haven’t yet understood that we are to embrace all, but also be willing to let go of it and move on. Think about it… with every experience we have, is the end lesson not to let go and move on from it? From forgiveness to heartbreak to career changes and so on, in the end we experience the lesson that teaches us to let go and move on – remember and appreciate, but keep it moving – for there is more to life and the universe than that one experience we had.
citylightsSo let us go forth. Be present in the everlasting now. Understand that each lesson to be learned is to teach us one thing – detach from that which is temporary; embrace the all that there is to embrace in this life; and move on to the next dimension of light, life, love, and The Universe. It doesn’t begin nor end with Earth; this is only one stop on our cosmic journey. Be in this experience fully, and consciously transition out of this reality when ready to move on to the next thing. The only thing to bring us back for another go-round is consciously unfinished business, but if we master ourselves, the extensive uses of our vessels, and the experiences we can have while we are in them there won’t be any unfinished business – this is why we all say, Live life to the fullest.

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