Posted on: November 29, 2011 Posted by: Felicia S. C. Gooden Comments: 1

Across the world, we place blame. We blame one another; we blame religion. We blame a lack of religion. Christianity blames Catholicism. Catholicism blames Protestantism. Those who follow Christ blame those who follow Mohammed. Jews blame Islam. Islam blames everyone and everything. Everyone blames Paganism and the Occult. Those who believe blame those who don’t. Those who don’t believe blame those who do. Science blames religion, and religion blames science. Liars blame those who tell truth, and those who tell truth blame those who lie.
What will it take for us all to realise that we are collectively the problem, and we need to collectively work together to fix the problem? Actually, mankind has figured out that we are causing our own demise, but we are too busy placing blame and claiming to be “The Chosen Ones”, in order to see ourselves in one another. The Super-Ego has superseded all knowing of real truth, love and understanding beyond ourselves. However, The Truth is here, and those willing to receive it shall receive. May we all take responsibility for ourselves and forgive ourselves. For with forgiveness of self, we can then forgive each other and experience the Divine Forgiveness of all.

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