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*This is a controversial post about all of the Religions burning in hell, or at least trying to. Please let me know if I left anyone out. :-)*
Catholics are going to hell.
Jehovah’s Witnesses will be left in purgatory.
Christians will remain in Limbo.
Protestants will be protesting their very own death.
Mormons will gather in a corner amidst the flames.
Muslims will be throwing flames at everyone else.
Gnostics will be most knowledgeable about The Hellfire.
Agnostics won’t be able to believe or not believe that they are burning.
Atheists will say the fire is real but Hell isn’t.
Satanists will be torturing all inhabitants.
Luciferians will understand why there is fire.
Jews will try to figure out how to charge people for fire with smoke.
Buddhists will be incinerated peacefully.
Hindus will embrace the burn.
Scientologists will study their surroundings.
Confucians will ask what Confucius says about it all.
What if religion itself was sin?
Where would we all fall?
What if there was no heaven, only hell?
What if there was a place for us all?
To believe or not to believe?
That is the question.
Think only for oneself, by oneself.
Now that is a novel suggestion.
Alas, I must admit.
I leave it all to the stars.
Yet, I still need to study,
So I may have close knowledge of what seems so far.
Yet, if hell is the burning fire below
And heaven is the space up above,
Why is freezing for all eternity
The alternative we all dream of?

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  1. Interesting concept, for the most part i rather not pounder religion. Due to that fact that if you do you’ll lose track of most important fact of life and that is just to live. I like your post though.. 🙂

  2. Religion is man made And No Source of Creation/ God told man to worship Him or else you will go to everlasting hell 🙂 .. What sort of a unconditional loving God would that be.. If one studies religion you will see how in history and even today its thread is of control and fear.. .. We create I think our own hell and we are creating Hell on Earth right here and now… as we destroy everything we seem to touch..
    I am a medium and some relgions say I am a devil worshiper.. LOL.. Which makes me laugh. There is Light and Dark in all of us.. for we are energy beings..and as such we hold both possitive and negative, But most of these so called religions have based their history in Fear.. and have committed more sin against humanity than any devil of their creation..
    Each man woman and child is equal and it matters not what colour or creed you are… We are One. come to experience.. and we create our own place with like minded selves to experience that which we created… so if we hold love in our hearts that is what we create.. if we hold hate and anger that too is what we create..
    This world has become out of balance swaying towards the negative.. The balance is at last starting the ‘Shift’ and the ‘Changes’ are already starting to happen as you see those who have been surpress are now taking back their power..
    Our Greatest power is Thought!.. So we had all best be careful what we think.. for what we think we create.. and if we are not careful then we will be creating our own HELL right here on Earth..
    Another excellent read.. and I enjoyed you poem Very much as it gave the reader much to think about. 🙂

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