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From secret societies to religious places of “worship” we can find two things that are prevalent throughout: individuals claiming to teach truth and those same individuals standing up with their hands out – asking for money. What’s up with this? As any individual can communicate with “God” at any time he or she chooses to – free of charge – what is the point of creating these “temples” of sorts, just to turn around and charge a fee or ask for money?
This is one thing that has never sat well with me. Whether the goal is to preach the “Word of God” or to simply inform people of  a Higher Truth, I personally believe that one’s energy should never truly be focused on collecting money or charging “dues”. The mystical path and religious affiliations are not quite things people are encouraged to list on their resumes or use to “get ahead” in the mundane world, so why is there such emphasis on this mundane “tool” that is really of no benefit to one’s spiritual growth beyond learning how to overcome being corrupted?
It’s bad enough that there is a massive disinformation campaign going on that dreadfully misconstrues the truth, and now we have to deal with literally having to buy a stairway to heaven. I do understand that we live in a world where we are charged fees to breathe, but I have also seen very successful organizations operate solely on donations – giving of money and resources that is completely voluntary. You know, those places with donation boxes that don’t ask you much else other than, “How are you?” and, “How can we help you?” There is nothing wrong with having the pot to collect what someone is willing to give, but to always consciously have your hand out and/or charge seekers a potentially unaffordable fee is the ultimate form of blasphemy to me.
When connecting to the Higher Power, the last thing I want to have on my mind is having to pay for that connection. I don’t want to be concerned with having to pay for access to information that – in all reality – is free. The Cosmic cares not for the status of one’s bank account, so why should we? If we are microcosmic manifestations of the universe, then when must we “pay” for being exactly what we are? There is no need to charge someone for wanting to understand his or her own very being. It makes my stomach turn to hear or see money be so closely associated with The Great Teachings of the All the Ages. The Masters of before who incarnated here did not seek profit for their work, they simply moved forward on their divine inspiration. There was no need to have incomes that allowed for the construction of great palaces to celebrates one’s “Superior level of Illumination”.
Our Divine Missions are not about profit – they are not about becoming famous. The task at hand is not for the pleasure of our egos that seek fortune, fame, and endless riches. The purpose is to enlighten ourselves and others around us. Seek not the monetary fruits of your work, but seek the illumination of all beings upon this planet. It is time for even those in the spiritual community and those who claim to be “enlightened” to wake up even farther. If your intent is for fame or profit, then yes, my dear, you are still asleep. Allow people the option to contribute without a request that could leave someone feeling obligated. Allow someone to volunteer to contribute in any way one can, and let us not turn away from those who are willing to give their most precious resources: time and energy. As long as we have eyes to see, ears to hear, and mouths to speak with then that is all that matters as far as teaching our fellow seekers The Truth and moving humanity toward higher planes of Light. With ample amount of focus and effort, the task at hand will be completed, and it will be great.

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