Posted on: July 30, 2011 Posted by: Felicia S. C. Gooden Comments: 0

A mother is accused of killing her daughter. She gave life just to take it away with her own bare hands. At least this is what we think. Many are called to testify. Some tell tales of a broken home and rough childhood for the mother, which caused her to have psychological issues. Others pleaded that there were chemicals that could have caused the death of the young girl. The only one to not participate in the defense of Casey Anthony, was Casey Anthony.
This murder case is one of the most historical cases to date. A woman kills her child, does not take the stand and is acquitted with a sentence of time served. The masses were obsessed with this case. Fights broke out in long lines for citizens to be able to get a seat in the courtroom. Social networks were flooded with opinions and strong feelings about such a case and the outcome. The major news networks had a ball with the tomfoolery that went on around this particular case. There were rumors that Casey Anthony was going to get plastic surgery and change her name in order to evade the massive groups of people who have a new found hatred for a complete stranger. Now, it has been reported that Casey Anthony is charging $1.5 million dollars for an interview.
In my opinion, Casey Anthony is definitely winning. She allegedly kills her child, gets away with it and now she gets to become a millionaire off of the story. If she had any reason to hate herself and want to change her look and name beforehand, she definitely found a way and a reason to make sure her change happened. Not only will her new identity come to life, she will forever be famous and now she will be rich. She is a damn good con artist, and I applaud how she has taken it upon herself to make the necessary sacrifices needed in order to make sure she got to the top as quick as possible. The devil is alive, well and all around us. He is working hard on poor helpless people daily. Just one question, did she sell her soul or was it taken?

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