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UnconditionalLovePast lives and future prophecy. These two concepts are useful as tools to be used for the full embrace of any particular moment. When we understand the true essence of our past existences and what karma we have brought into our current lives from the old, we then have a point of reference for when the present calls for a decision to be made. This same concept applies to future prophecy. Although it is tempting to get caught up in the nostalgia of the past as well as the dream of the future, we cannot allow ourselves to remain in either point in the illusion of time. We have to use the past and the future as ways to know who we truly are and what we need to do in our everlasting Now Moment.
Studying our past decisions in this life and exploring our past lives for clues to what is relevant in the present bring much clarity. We are able to fully understand where we went wrong in the past and how we may still be dealing with the karmic effects of choices made in the past. Once we take time to fully review the past and learn our lessons from the that time, we may find that we are presented with another opportunity to make the better choice and do things right.
For a long time, I thought that there was no such thing as second chances. I made poor decisions in love and always figured out what was in front of me after it was too late. I’ve hurt others and broken hearts from simply not being able to see and embrace the love that was before me. I have been selfish in this life and in lives from the past, and I now see where I went wrong in one important lifetime that has me where I am now in life and love. I had a past life regression experience where I found the exact moment and choice that set things in motion for me to be where I am today in love. The ongoing theme in my love life was that I would push my lover away and leave the relationship instead of submitting to the love that I had and embracing the relationship that I was in. I would make poor choices – usually infidelity – and then wanted to get my act together after the relationship was lost and there was no opportunity for a second chance to fix things. I cannot change what happened then, but I can do things better and in alignment with Cosmic Unconditional Love this time around.
Feeling ultimately defeated, I have always wanted just one more chance to get love right. I promised The Cosmic that with one more chance, I would apply my lessons learned and do things right – be more and be better. Surely enough, I now have what I asked for, and then some. It has now been revealed to me that someone I care for very much in this lifetime is, in fact, my wife from the past life that I am still paying for. Our roles in this life directly reflect exactly what we were in that lifetime – of course within the realistic confines of what this incarnation has manifested. Our souls have switched places, and now I have had to endure the pain and neglect that I once inflicted upon my beloved in the past. Now that I have reached this point of clarity, I am calm inwardly. Most importantly, I am ready to fully embrace this opportunity to get things right and be the spouse that I should have been before. Although the situation is a bit complicated, I must do what is right, love unconditionally, and not run away – especially to another person. I must do more than say I love this person; I must show that I love this person and prove that I am willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to be what I should have always been. I cannot back out now, for this is the real chance to get it right. I am no longer in a space where I am concerned with what my ego desires. I am no longer caught up in personal want. All I want and need is to do the right thing and not back out for the sake of personal selfishness. This isn’t about being the only one in the universe, it’s about doing right and being one with the universe.
As for the future, the future can be seen in dreams and conscious visions. We like to believe that some things are just meant to play out a certain way and that there is nothing that can be done about things. There are times when the future is revealed so that action can be taken in order to manifest a better, more positive outcome. Some visions can act as warnings more so than definite prophecy that cannot be averted. When something for the future has been revealed and one can sense that the action has not taken place, there is an opportunity for positive preventive action to be taken in order to manifest a more positive outcome. Many elements of the future that have been revealed can simply be projections made based upon one’s actions and will remaining where they are without conscious evolution to adapt and be better. Although there are some things that are predetermined, we still have the power and free will to take heed to any messages or warnings and consciously work to manifest a better outcome.
No, we shouldn’t dwell on the past nor try to live in the future, but we can refer to both in order to help make better sense of the everlasting Now Moment that we are always in. We cannot go back to the past and get a “do over”, but The Cosmic does present us with concrete second chances if we are pure of heart and have earned a fresh opportunity to make the better choice and do things right. Nothing for the future is absolutely set in stone, although it may seem to be that way. If we do the inner work and be open to our soul evolution and not attach too much to the current manifestation of our mundane lives, then we shall find that all things are truly possible and there-within we are truly set free.
Explore your past and learn from it. Be open to messages about the future, and make connections in order to make the best choice in your everlasting Now. Be aware of the mundane facts of life, but be one with the spiritual truths that brought you to this point in the first place. We are here for light, life, love and soul growth – nothing more, and nothing less.
Peace Profound.

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