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All before ye is an illusion.
This way of life – The Grand Delusion.
The gates above we wait to see,
When we need to look inside to see.
For there she swells, the soul of life.
She animates the vessel. It’s she – the wife.
The soul, we love, she brings The Light.
She illuminates the darkest night.
Love not what is of the world, for it deceives.
Stay true to your center – know what you believe.
The treasures in front of you, sent to mislead.
The warnings of the past, we need to heed.
The Truth is The Light for all to see.
The Truth is The Way for all to be.
To live in the Light and know the Dark,
To understand the Divine Spark.
The orgasm is the spark of creation.
Present in man and all divination.
Intercourse is sacred, that is the fact.
This is the union – the most sacred act.
The Light, she comes, for all to see.
Go within; don’t just listen to me.
All is one, of the true source.
Life continues, running her course.
Evolution is long – a slow process.
Ascension is the same – no more, no less.
To change – transform – while reintegrating.
Writing the new song for all to sing.
The time has come to make all right.
We see the day, and love the night.
The times to come and things to see.
The beings around and ways to be.
The truth revealed is what we need.
The apocalypse now, may we take heed.
Truths untold and Light to prevail.
The revelation of the lifted veil.
Many work in the Dark against the Light.
The ego abound to blur the sight.
But now we rise in the name of truth.
The lost word restored, no longer aloof.
Reintegration is now; we are all one.
We go forth in light until the job is done.
Manifesting Christ and the God of our hearts.
We blend together, no longer apart.
The time to unite is long overdue.
The way of the world yields a different hue.
The Golden Age is now, for all to see.
The Great Work is closing. So Mote It Be!

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  1. this is so beautiful. I love poetry and words If time allowed me I would never leave a book, but I have so much to do…I do love to read and delve into whatever mysteries and wonder the words will bring forth and it really sets the imagination up for all kinds of adventures too.

  2. To the Hand that guided me here; thank you. To the hand that guided these words; thank you. To the Hand that lifted the veil and enabled me see; thank you. To more productive joining of hand to Hand; an everlasting toast!

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