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In the next few weeks, I will be releasing my first novelette that will be FREE TO DOWNLOAD right here on my blog!
“In Love With Crazy”
Sadie Goodman was a young dreamer and deeply spiritual hopeless romantic. When she received a horoscope mentioning a love connection, she then felt a bit disappointed, as her dating life was lacking immensely.  Soon thereafter, Sadie viewed a film and felt that she was divinely shown who her love interest was to be. She had no clue how to get in touch with her new love obsession; so she wrote a script and took a chance in order to bring her love into physical manifestation.
Surprisingly, Sadie was offered an opportunity to actually move forward with her new dream. She was able to meet her new love interest, Saide LaFont, and a very passionate romance between the two of them began instantly. However, Saide was already in a relationship, and being the mistress eventually began to take a toll on Sadie’s psychological and emotional well being. Sadie then began to lose sight of her self and her sanity, bringing about a devastating experience to her new life. Will Sadie ever get to be with the man of her dreams, or will she have to truly give up when she seems to be so close to success?

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