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einstein_lacht3There is this thing we like to do as humans called complicate things. We like to use grandiose words to prove that we have an elegant vocabulary, we like to write long books and discourses on our findings on subjects to prove to others that we have fully explored all the depths of them, but what happened to keeping it simple? Where have the days gone when we could just write a simple poem or a short discourse and be understood? What happened to our ability to attune to one another in a way that cuts out the middle man of extra words used to communicate something very simple?
I find that this need for simplicity is what makes social networking so effective in our mode of communication these days. Twitter, for example, allows for only 140 characters per tweet. This forces the writer or creator to do nothing more than keep it simple, and this element is what made Twitter far more popular than Facebook. Yes, Facebook is great for expressing elongated thoughts, and so are blogs, but even Facebook posts are being cut down to photo-expressive memes. Blogs are now at a standard of 200-700 words per post. The need to get back to getting to the point and keeping things simple is becoming ever more present, and I am glad that society is getting more in touch with finding ways to get to the point and make life a bit easier and more efficient. We are becoming more efficient with our thoughts and words, and soon I hope that we become more efficient with our actions.
Eliminating extra steps and processes will help our world to become more relaxed, for achieving the goal won’t seem as complicated and overwhelming. We will be able to see a bit more clearly how to achieve the goal and then become more efficient in our processes to create that which we seek and manifest.
Some may complain that being too efficient takes the joy out of the journey – it will be too easy. Things will do nothing but lead us to a life of instant gratification. Are we not already in a world of instant gratification? And in other dimensions, what we think will automatically manifest! As we evolve in our planetary consciousness, so should we evolve in how we live our lives and get things done. Imagine the day when all of humanity understands the beauty in creative visualization and we all live in cosmic harmony to the point where our wildest desires that are of good intent instantly manifest because we have created a world in which such things can take place. Imagine that! If we continue to work hard to improve ourselves and our world, I’m sure that this can become our reality.
As my consciousness evolves, so does my art and my writing. My writing style is becoming that which keeps things as simple and to the point as possible, and I like it that way. I am not impressed with the need to go on and on with endless examples and word play just to reach an “industry standard” word count to impress others with. Some will say that I don’t have enough experience in life or enough knowledge of a subject to write a book of appropriate length, but I find that with so many people in the world seeking to be the next expert of some mainstream topic or philosophy, I just want to keep things simple. I seek to keep my words to the minimum of what is needed. Do I have a story to tell? Yes, but by the time I have worked through my issues enough that I can write the story, I find that I have no desire to continue dwelling in the vibration of that which I have experienced in the past for the sake of writing a book and making a few sales.
When a person reads someone’s writing, the reader’s mental and personal energy is given to the words and the story is relived and recreated over and over again. (Makes one wonder exactly what makes history repeat itself the way it does.) I want my words to be meaningful and understandable. I want my works to be inspiring but simple. Maybe I’ll just do collections of blog posts and discourses… Maybe I’ll simply compile 15-20,  200 words bits on Light, Life, and Love. Whatever I so choose to do, I choose to keep it simple. After all, that is the best way to live this life.
Be well, My Loves!

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