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It is reported that creativity is related to mental illness.
How dare they make the charge,
That all the artists in the world
Are simply psychopaths at large.
And yet, I admit, that I’ve had my days of doom.
I’ve locked myself away,
Completely hidden and enraged.
Depressed and dismayed, in my own room.
I’ve spent many days of my creative life very much in plight.
At the tender age of 12, I contemplated suicide.
I stood at the top of the stairs with a knife to my neck,
And then the Master Within said, “No, Not yet.”
I’ve been labeled psychotic by peers my whole  life,
And yet I still take comfort in my artistic side.
My writing has more often times saved than hurt my life.
It is often my only escape from seeming eternal strife.
Not one person on this Earth is perfectly happy,
And we artists are very blessed.
Amid life, stress and complex happenings,
We get our points across the best.
Yes, there may be “Mentally ill” artists, clearly as studies show,
But let us not forget those suicides committed
Because the victim had no  place to go –
No artistic and creative way to show.
The Artist should not be oppressed because he or she is bold.
The Artist should not be condemned –
The Art we should behold,
For everyone is different and left to God to mold.
Being “normal” is very outdated,
Being different is the new trend.
And if Creative Illness is the charge,
Then I am very guilty, my friend.

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  1. Love it. If “Creative Illness” is a disease. I’m glad that I have had it most of my life. Maybe we should start a 12-Step program…but instead of trying to “cure” it, we should become bolder and more creative. 🙂

  2. Ya know, that all makes sense. It seems as though those viewed in society as “weird” or “strange” are the most creative. Sometimes in the midst of depression or anxiety, I can write for hours. I love your poetry and writing and can definitely relate.

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