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Why must man continue to feel the need to “Play God”? We take lives in the name of vengeance and what satiates our carnal desires. There are 19 countries that still practice the Death Penalty, and The United States is one of those countries. According to the Death Penalty Information Center website, about 34 states still currently use the Death Penalty. Texas, which executed a man on September 21, 2011, is calculated to have the highest number of executions. A fact sheet from the Death Penalty Information Center website also reports that about 75% of executions happen to Caucasian prisoners. Whether the crime is heinous or mild, whether the person is Black or White, man’s conscious decision to put another man to death because one or more people are infuriated with a personal crime between two people is a crime against humanity.
Humans were made to exist as an image of “God”, not to be “God” itself. We, humans, are organisms on this planet that play a part in the existence of life as we know it, in all forms. Our ability to be consciously aware of life and what makes our environment function makes our species unique, but we are not the creators of life itself. Why should we feel so empowered to be the ones to take life as we see fit? Murder is not excusable in any form. This is especially true when it comes to organised government forums deciding whether someone is to live or die, or even spend the rest of his life locked away in a cell.
The death penalty has been around since the 1600’s. In America, it was abolished in the 1930’s, and then reinstated in 1976. Since it’s reinstatement, there have been 1,270 executions of individuals, guilty and innocent. There have been 3,251 people placed on death row since 1976 as well. This is not a new phenomenon. Yet, on September 21, 2011, an African- American male named Troy Davis was executed for the murder of a Georgia police officer that took place in 1989, and the masses were outraged as if this was the first instance of its kind. The conviction stood and execution took place although there was little evidence, no murder weapon and several recanted witness testimonies in relation to this case. This very act of legitimate murder within itself is an outrage! Racism aside, although it may have been a factor considering that Georgia is still a conservative state with a history of racism and slavery, the very thought of putting a man that is possibly not guilty of any crime to death is barbaric and disgraceful to humanity.  What is more disturbing about the whole debacle is the fact that the story was exploited in such a way that the real issue of the death penalty was heavily skewed to many of the clueless people in the world.
The heavily reported story was the execution of a Black man in a state that has a history of slavery. This lead to the autonomous reaction that it was all about racism! As stated before, race may have been a factor, but that does not change the fact that the Death Penalty should not be allowed for anyone! There was a story about a White man that was executed on the same day for the brutal murder of a Black man in Texas, but this story did not get nearly as much attention as many would have to acknowledge that there is an issue beyond the infamous Black Man’s Pity Party. Millions continuously went on ranting and raving about how the incident was racially prompted and the justice system failed due to racism. The justice system failed because the system is an ongoing failure, and it has been for a long time. There was an innocent Mexican man executed under Gov. Rick Perry, who is running for President of the United States, after President Obama urged for Perry to allow the man to be sent back to his country to deal with his home government first. The wrongful, conscious killing of individuals is not limited to Black America. This argument must stop being thrown around as if it is really relevant in the matter of the Death Penalty itself. The issue is bigger than Black America.
Speaking of President Obama: The masses, mainly Black America, went on and on about Barack Obama’s lack of effort to put an end to the execution of an innocent Black man. This says much about the mindset of many Black Americans. It is well known that most Blacks voted for President Obama simply because he is a man of color. Nothing more; nothing less. However, to sit here and really think that having a Black President is going to magically save “The Black Man” and change any wrong doing in one’s own life, and alter all the hardships in the Black community is an extreme that should have been left in many people’s dreams. This is simply not possible, not at this point in time. There is nothing that Obama could have done to change this outcome. Simple as that. It can be understood how some may feel that he could have at least spoken on the issue; however, his words would not have done very much to change anything. The Supreme Court was the only hope left for Troy Davis, and that court failed him.
There were also many comments about Davis’ execution vs Casey Anthony being acquitted after there being minimal evidence that she was innocent. This is a valid point as it is horrendous that America feels sorry for the woman that kills her daughter, but executes the man that killed no one. However, this argument too has been skewed into being about race as many focus on the fact that Anthony was a White Woman and Davis was a Black Man. The issue at hand is a system that is unjust and unfair. Biased and unforgiving. Flaky and untrustworthy. Within this flawed system is validated murder, which should be unconstitutional.
The awakening that took place with this event was massive and moving. The World was enraged by such an injustice! People from different countries and continents were all on the same accord. The Death Penalty MUST be abolished! For Good! There were some that were still stuck in their feelings and exclaimed that the Bible says “And eye for an eye”. Others argued Karma: What goes around, comes around. There is a difference between the universe sending a person what he or she sent out, and organised groups of people, backed by government, that sit and determine another person’s fate based upon standards and rules made and set by man! The time has come to put an end to Mankind Playing God. Man is NOT God. Humans are a part of the environment and ecosystem, just as all other animals and plants are. Humans are not above nature. Humans are not above the universe, and humans are not above humans. We have lost touch with reality and our true purpose on this planet. We as a species were blessed with consciousness that allows us to create and destroy. We were meant to create what helps our planet, not just us. We were meant to destroy what poses harm to our livelihood, not our egos. Pride and vengeance are the deadly sins that will send humanity to hell in a hand-basket if we do not further awaken and act to make positive change! Humility, strength, courage and forgiveness are the “Godly” principles that will bring about coexistence. The times are here, and change is at hand. When “God” calls for you to make a move against the oppressors looking to stick a needle in your arm, will you be up to the task?

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