Posted on: September 5, 2011 Posted by: Felicia S. C. Gooden Comments: 0

I am afraid.
Afraid to love.
Terrified of happiness.
Horrified by the thought of success.
I am afraid.
Afraid of repeating the past.
Mortified by the thought of a love that won’t last.
Unnerved by the possibiltiy of a failure.
I am afraid.
Afraid to fail again.
I cannot see myself going through the same pain.
For I will truly become insane then.
I am afraid.
Afraid of the good men in front of me.
Petrified by the thought that what I want will actually come to me.
I am most fearful of it all being nothing more than a lucid dream.
I am afraid.
Afraid to take the hand being extended to me.
Nervous about the future that lies before me.
Hesitant to believe that the world is finally working for me.
I am afraid.
Afraid of myself.
Uneasy about the power that lies within me.
Shaky about having the courage to use it for anything.
I am afraid.
Afraid to let go and see.
Jittery about what will manifest before me.
Disinclined to be the only entity holding back the greatness of me.

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