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We all tend to believe that we have some “special” or divine purpose attached to our individual existences on this three-dimensional, Earthly plane. Most of us want to figure out what that purpose is, but the real question is: Has it already been presented before our eyes? Have we seen it- or overlooked it? For myself, my Earthly purpose has been known all of my life. My purpose is to write. Yet, I have only begun to discover and understand my Divine Purpose, and the more that I embrace it, the more that everything becomes clear and I understand my true place in the world, and The Cosmos.
To keep from tainting you with the specifics of my purpose, I shall be brief and somewhat vague. I am a Divine Being. I am a Light Being. These two, we do have in common, but my Divine Purpose and Mission is unique to me. I am now allowing myself to connect to various experiences in my infinite existence. I am beginning to connect with parts of my infinite past, such as my existence in the Sirius star system as Princess Aseenah of what we know to Earth as Xylanthia. I have done some research on my birth names, as well as my Sirian name, and I have found meanings that are extremely relevant to my existence, further confirming that what I am experiencing is Truth and Light at it’s finest.
With this confirmation, I have come to accept that there are other elements, signs and “things on my mind” that must be true. For if one of my “thoughts” is actually Divine Fact, then all the other “thoughts” must be as well. These are “thoughts” that come from my subconscious, not from my conscious, imaginative mind. I have always known what I have to do, which is to see Earth through Her transition into the next dimension, or usher in The Golden Age. The Cosmic has now shown me where, how and with whom my mission is to be carried out. Although these recent developments are Out of This World, which is a bit scary to my Earth mind and body, I am glad to know that I am not a “crazy person”. I feel more whole. I feel more complete. I no longer feel lost, and my focus is more clear that it ever has been.
So I ask thee, what is your Divine Purpose? What is your Divine Mission? I will inform you, that the Divine is not of this planet alone. The Earthly wonders and material-based goals that we set are only a small facet of The Bigger Picture. We must look deeper, into the Stars and into Our Selves. Has The Cosmic contacted you yet? Did you see what you were meant to see? Did you hear what you were meant to hear? Only you will Gno.
Love, Light and Peace Profound!

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  1. I have a very vague idea of my purpose. I wish it were clearer but I believe that will come with time. I’m happy to hear you know your Divine purpose and that you are clearly on your path. Keep writing. 🙂

  2. Love this Post Catalina, arrgh so I do.. :-).. yes our Divine connection is not as many visualise it to be.. And those ETs may not all be the Aliens we think in terms of as little green men.. But we ourselves are visitors experiencing Earth..
    Many now are finding out their True ‘Missions’ and past life recall is playing a huge part also.. My own past life memory as well as others within my family are now growing stronger still, as the Time for Awakening to who we really are is coming closer..
    Great Post.. and Keep up the good work… ~Sue x

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