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Could it be possible that we are all living in a dream world? The physical world that we believe to be reality could very well be a lucid dream. It is possible that nothing we experience is real. But our physical senses are very real. Our experiences are real. Our feelings are real, or so we think.
We are in a moment in time where there is much change. Great change. Everything that we thought to be real is now changing and seeming unreal. Everything is to be questioned now, including who we are as individuals and what we believe in. Life at this point is like the scream that results from irritation. Imagine, you are sitting down in a room full of noise. You are trying to find clarity in your mind, or make some sense of what is going on. You then become tense. The noise seems to become louder and more annoying, and there is no escaping it. The “tick” in your nerves begins. The noise comes ever closer and louder. Then, you simply ask the noise maker to stop. The noise continues. You ask again “Stop. Please.” The noise continues, in a mocking manner. Finally, you snap. “STOPPP!! JUST F**ING STOP! AHHHHHH!!!” You then, storm out of the room. Life is at the breaking point. Everything is is running together. Nothing is slowing down. Everything is speeding up. Everything seems to be drained physically and spiritually, yet hyperactive at the same time. Our mother Earth is ready to “blow”. No matter what mental, emotional or spiritual state we are at individually, we are all wondering, “What’s going to happen? What’s next?”
Many of us believe that the time has come to “get our lives right”, change and ask for Divine Forgiveness. Others believe that they are already saved and there is nothing to worry about. Some believe that nothing at all is going to occur and everyone is crazy and superstitious. Whatever one believes, one should be prepared. We should all be prepared for anything, possible or “impossible” to occur. We should expand our minds to be able to comprehend that an alien race may come down to our planet and wreak havoc. We should consider that there is life thriving within our planet, inner earth. We should accept the possibility that we will create our own collective demise through violent war. We must allow ourselves to believe that Earth may soon “cleanse” herself, and there is nothing that can be done about it. We may all die at once.
Goodness! All of the possibilities! Anything and everything is possible! We could be forms of light inhabiting physical bodies, and we have become lost in the magnificent experience known as Human Life on Earth. Our physical world could be nothing more than a hologram, and the only thing solidifying everything is the power of our own minds. We can concentrate on an object and make it move. We can close our eyes, imagine a place at a certain time, and then our physical presence will manifest at that location. Anything and everything is possible.
It is time to stop limiting ourselves to being drones trapped on this planet Earth. As large as our planet is, it is possible that Earth itself is a prison for our souls, and our individual cell blocks are our bodies. It is widely believed that fallen angels came from above our Earth, and then were sent to rule to underworld. We often overlook the fact that the world we physically live in is what would have been below the heavenly skies they fell from. Could Earth truly be hell? Anything is possible. Our physical lives could be a form of purgatory or limbo even, and we have the opportunity to make certain choices to free ourselves from this physical entrapment. Eternal hell could be our souls being bound to this planet, and heaven being able to flow freely throughout The Universe. It is time to think outside of the “box”. We must be open to all possibilities. I am not saying that we should all change our individual beliefs; I am saying that we should expand our beliefs to all of the possibilities that we are and are not aware of. Take a moment and think about the “craziest” scenario that seems virtually impossible. What feeling comes over you when you take a moment and believe that scenario is possible? What do you feel when you imagine that scenario to be true? Everything is possible, including the fact that our individual beliefs about life and the future could be impossible or untrue. Now what? 😉

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  1. I enjoy your writing style and this post certainly inspires one to think outside of the norm. Change is such a beautiful thing as it cultivates growth. I believe that a lot of people refuse to allow themselves to dream, to think big, to dare, to chance… part of the small town mentality and that doesn’t just apply to people from actual small towns.
    I have always challenged myself to do, go, be more… I look my obstacles square in the face and I’m not afraid of failure. I have nothing to lose because it’s better for me to create for myself than to “find” anything that anyone tells me i’m to be.
    Great post lady.

  2. Everything is possible. I’m speaking from the perspective of a person working to make my dreams come true. I don’t know what’s going to happen at any given time. I know what I desire; I know what I see; but I don’t know the ultimate result of my efforts. Even though I don’t what the end result of my efforts is going to be, I do believe my dreams will come true.

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