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Lights! Cameras! FASHION! September 8, 2011 was the date for Fashion’s Night Out. Huge parties and fashion shows and other events took place all over the country, From New York to Atlanta to Los Angeles. I live in Stone Mountain, Ga, which is in the metro Atlanta area, and I have worked at Lenox Square Mall off and on for over five years. I am currently employed with Banana Republic, and I previously worked at Victoria’s Secret for over 3 years.
Anyhow, FNO was a wonderful night! I saw Facebook photos of former co-workers in New York that attended the events there, and there were tons of Tweets about the night on my Twitter Timeline. At Lenox Square mall in Atlanta, Ga, my store hosted a cocktail party to go along with our 40% off promotion that was going on. There is nothing more exciting than being able to shop in an exclusive mall, view live models and have free cocktails whilst saving money! Our women’s suits, which run from $500- $900, were selling like hot cakes. Our sale section was quickly depleted. The music was lively and up to date. It felt like a party was going on in the store! There were live models posing outside of the store with some of our best selling items, and some mall make- up artists came and helped out. Overall the event was a huge success!
I love working in the fashion industry! There is always something new and exciting going on! Fashion is also one of the cosmetic/entertainment industries that actually makes sense, which is also a huge selling point for me. Victoria’s Secret was an accidental job that turned into the entry level stepping stones to a wonderful career in Visual Merchandising. I remember training ladies that went to FIDM on how to do their jobs in visuals, proud moments for me. Banana Republic has been a God send for me. Great co-workers, lovely atmosphere, and our clientele is super exclusive and exciting as well. News anchors from Atlanta and even Charles Wolf of Wolf Camera have stopped through the Banana Republic at Lenox location. Banana Republic at Lenox is always hosting some sort of promotional event, from 2-hour flash sales, to Happy Hour events, to the cocktail party event that we hosted when we launched our Mad Men Collection, which is our limited edition collection inspired by the television show Mad Men. We love to give our clients reasons to come out and shop and continue to do business with us!
I love what I do! Visual Merchandising is fun and creative for people like me. Fashion is hectic, but it is rewarding as well. There is no better feeling than sending someone home with a new suit, or wardrobe, who was completely lost as far as style is concerned when they walked in the store. Fashion is also a way to be in the know, yet behind the scenes of all the various industries. Think about it. Everyone wants to know what Michelle Obama, Julia Roberts and Beyonce’ are wearing these days. Where do they shop? Who do they do business with? Who are their stylists? What are the latest trends and who started them? The atmosphere that is present when there is a huge fashion event going on nationwide is one of excitement and hope. Tons of people looking forward to the new looks of the next season, people finally being able to grab their favorite garments before the current season is over, it is all excitement and fun. The parties will go all night, and tons of fabulous photos will be seen on the morrow. What makes Fashion’s Night Out so exciting is knowing that you are participating in something bigger than yourself. So now, who are YOU wearing? 😉

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  1. After this post Ms. Gooden, it’s time for you to continue stepping up the ladder. I do not believe that Banana Republic could have presented a more eloquent marketing piece for itself. It will be interesting to see who at BR took note of this. As one who has not only experience, but first hand knowledge of the fashion industry, I concur that fashion, despite its demons, has its rewards. I remain a staunch advocate in the promotion of talents such as yours sharing in those rewards.

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