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There once was a girl who knew no father.
All alone in the world with the dreaded bother –
The bother of being spiritually slaughtered.
She was the one – The Fatherless Daughter.
The “Daddy’s Girl” life – she would never know.
Her pain kept inside – never to show.
With resentment pent up and ready to blow,
She wanted to release but had nowhere to go.
She looked and she roamed for a man to love.
She tried to have faith but gave up on the above.
Even the Lord himself was not enough,
So she turned away  – selling her soul for stuff.
She gave and she gave for things in return.
Her spirit to taint, and her soul to burn.
She tried Satan’s way with no other to turn,
And even Satan himself was not enough for her.
She pranced and she prowled, looking for the one.
Trying to fill a void that could not be undone.
She plunged inward seeking an inner sun,
She lost all sense of self – no feeling, no fun.
She finally gave up and looked above once more –
Hoping and praying for an open door.
She felt so empty with no inner core.
Then she spread her wings and began to soar.
An angel in flight – she was finally free.
A man she did want but did not need.
Although half of her, she will never see.
At least she can simply just finally be.
This was the girl who knew no father.
Alone in the world with the dreaded bother –
The bother of having been spiritually slaughtered.
These are the words of The Fatherless Daughter.

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