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Fear can often serve as the magic doorway to a lack of trust. We fear being hurt. We fear being betrayed. We fear our own success. We fear the potential of failure, rejection, and abandonment. What is most important to our spiritual growth is the elimination of fear, but in order to properly eliminate our fears, we must first confront them. This can be done via dream work, meditation, or the simple and yet difficult, in-depth and objective — purely honest — examination of our lives and our past experiences.
My greatest fear has been getting what I truly want, for in the end something bad will have to happen. Throughout my own experience, I have dealt with plenty of let downs, betrayals, friends turning on me for no reason, lying and cheating parters, and so on; but what I’ve found to be the root of all my problems is the fear created by these negative experiences. The fear became so deeply rooted in my subconscious that I became the person in which I feared in an attempt to get to the punch line first. I eventually began turning on people and committing acts of betrayal so that I could feel justified when the inevitable disappointment came. How often do we all do this in our lives? How often to we create walls and blockages against that which we desire most because we fear disappointment?
My turning point came when I experienced a heart break that was unbearable, and I had to get to the bottom of what I did to contribute to the situation and really examine my self. In time I had a dream experience with my inner child, the age of 7, who was happy and free until she was being chased by a big, dark man who was dirty and wanted to force himself on her. I found that the root of all my romantic failures came from an event that took place when I was 7 where I felt violated by a peer, and I apparently kept that pain and discomfort with me. I went on to attract undesirable sexual encounters, relationships, and outlooks into my life over the years — unconsciously.
Other abandonment from friends, negative reinforcement leading me to feel like I was never good enough, low self-esteem due to lack of emotional and psychological support, and being constantly surrounded by negative and fear-based energy — among other factors — all contributed to the detrimental view that I took upon myself. I saw myself as inferior. I saw myself as unworthy of love. I felt that no one would ever want me beyond sex, and I treated myself as such. I felt that I was being strong by pushing my pain down into the depths of my soul and moving forward, but these feelings of sadness, anger, and resentment simply ate at me in one way or another and fueled my poor outlook on life and how I conducted myself.
It’s amazing how much our childhood experiences affect our lives on the physical plane. Many of our deepest issues stem from some traumatic childhood experience that we simply cannot face — for it is too painful to bring up. But we must face our pasts and forgive. We must understand that what we hide deep within ourselves is what creates the spiritual blockages that hinder us from living the lives that we desire. We must go forth to explore the depths of our fears and confront them. We absolutely must face our fears and eliminate all fear within us in order to create the lives that we want.
No amount of meditation, affirmations, prayer and/or worship will help us unless we are willing to get to the bottom of our souls and face the good, bad, and ugly of our personalities, life experiences, and fears. We must face and eliminate our fears, for this is the most freeing act that can be taken on our spiritual journey! Life will begin to truly fall into place. Everything will make sense again. The journey will seem possible, and we will finally find that there is so much more to life that can be offered and embraced. It will become easier to take a positive outlook on life, and we will be able to remain level headed when assessing the fact that there is still a lot of negativity and evil in our world. Eliminating our own fears allows for more compassion and understanding of others. Facing what holds us back will help us to see that others manifest their negative world views for the same reasons that we once did.
Often times, we are mistreated by others due to their own fears and lack of understanding. This is a reason to have empathy and compassion for others, not to berate them and knock them down. Should we defend ourselves? Absolutely — but having understanding of our journeys and having compassion for others allows for a peaceful response to negativity. We can do more to contribute to the betterment of humanity. The world really can become a better place.
Go beyond the mainstream exploitation of fear and find what personal experience has put the fear there in the first place.
Know thyself. Heal thyself. Love thyself. Be thyself.

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