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Monthly oracle readings are made manifest in order to give us all a glimpse of what to expect throughout the month in various aspects of our lives. February is set to be a generally positive month with some hindrances and typical nuances thrown in the mix. All in all, we have good things to look forward to this month. Nothing too major. This is a time to go with the flow of life and the universe.
1. Personality, Ego, Temperament. Physical Appearance. 
We are experiencing an initiation of sorts as we engage the next phase of our lives, individually and collectively. We will be tested on our faith in God and faith in ourselves. We will be tried in the realm of trusting the unseen world and knowing that all things work out for the best.
2. Money and Possessions. Financial Prospects.
Good news here! Money is definitely on the way! All transactions dealing with money will be fruitful, but we must remain conscious and aware, as there will be demands from us, possibly a new level of responsibility or extra work to be done.
3. Letters and Communications. Business and Commerce. Logic and Memory. Power. Relatives. Short Journeys.
There is malign intent manifesting at all levels. We are to take pains to pay close attention to any and all communication this month. Mercury Retrograde is definitely a contributing factor to keep in mind, but we are to remain conscious and cautious throughout the whole month.
4. The Home. Environment. Property. The Mother. The Latter Days of Life.
Expect healing and harmony to manifest in these areas of life. The journey of life will become smoother and glimpses of hope will become clearer. As we heal various things in our lives, we will find more peace and freedom to manifest the things that we love.
5. Creativity. Love Affairs. Amusements and Pleasures. Children.
Egocentricity and divisiveness come into play in these areas of life, and there is potential for disagreements and separation. There may be a manifestation of creative flow being blocked, love affairs coming to an end or enduring strain, things we enjoy may be put on hold, so on and so forth. Stay vigilant and positive during these times, for all is in the Divine Plan. Find the positive in all.
6. Health. Healing. Hygiene. Worry. Work Relationships. Social Work. Everyday Things. Domestic Animals.
The healer manifests in the house of healing. This month is all about bringing it all together and seeing restoration. Karma will be at play this month, but it will manifest healing and closure of all kinds in these aspects of life.
7. Marriage. Partnerships. Divorce. Close Relationships. The Public.
Despite Mercury Retrograde’s influence over communications, February will yield a generally good period of communication in these areas of life. Also, if you were thinking about taking that trip to a secluded place for Valentine’s Day, then you should definitely do it, for travel of all kinds are favored in relation to these areas of life.
8. Death. Transition. Karma. Legacies. Debts. Joint Finances. The Occult. Past Lives. ESP.
Illusion and psychosis are manifestations here. There is some psychic charlatan in our midst. There is some occult fakery taking place and manifesting in our lives. Be careful when dealing with self-proclaimed psychics and “divine messengers” this month. Deceptive spirits with ill intent do exist in the universe, and they will be out and about and ready to play this month. Be cautious and aware!
9. The Establishment. Philosophy and Higher Education. Law. Overseas Matters. Long Journeys. Beliefs. Protection.
Wisdom, justice, integrity, and stability are all key factors to take into consideration here. In these areas of our lives, there will be much level-headedness and an abundance of stabilizing forces that brings all things into focus. Anything developed in these areas right now that are made manifest with the highest good in mind will last for a long period of time.
10. Career. Ambition. Social Status. Honors. Achievements. The Father. Relationships with Superiors.
There will be a renewal in these areas of life, so be on the look out for new job and/or business opportunities. If there is a promotion that you have coveted, this may be a favorable time to start asking questions. If there is something new that you wanted to engage in the realm of career and ambition, then go for it! The cards are in your favor!
11. Hopes and Wishes. Social Life. Friends. Hobbies. Fraternities. Debates.
The energies in these areas aren’t what we would really like to see. There will be manifestations of bigotry, stubbornness, aggressiveness, and down right uncouth behavior from those we know and love — most of the time. We should take pains to be cautious about these areas of life and be sure to remain aware of any and all false friends who do not have our best interests at heart.
12. The Subconscious. Secrets. Restrictions. Secret Enemies. Inhibitions. Self-defeat. Charity From Others. Hospitals and Institutions. Large Animals.
Practicality, conservation, thrift and possessions all come into play here. It is wise to be charitable this month, and we should also be receptive to any and all things offered in our best interest. The subconscious may manifest some things that we need to reconcile, but there may also be synchronicities that point toward better days and interactions in the future. Growth is key in these areas for this month.
13. The Significator or Summator
As with all things in life, this month is about flow. We are to go with the flow of all the manifestations this month. From the glitches in communication to the disappointments from friends and false messengers to the abundance of new monetary manifestations and career opportunities, we are called to be prepared to flow with whatever is thrown at us. All is a part of the Divine Plan, and the things that seem to be setting us back will be setting us up for the future. When all things seem to fall apart, they are actually falling into place!
Make this a wonderful, abundant, and productive month, while keeping caution and awareness sharp!

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