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The following is an excerpt of The Nag Hammadi Scriptures from The Secret Book of James. I have chosen to share this excerpt as it causes the reader to think about what one truly needs to do in order to “make it” into the the kingdom of heaven. This alleged direct teaching from Jesus to his disciples, James and Peter, is extremely controversial as it goes directly against what many are taught in The Church to this very day.
One must always remember that the teachings of Jesus were never to be taken literally. And these private teachings, that have been found and translated within the last 60+ years, are full of more mystical symbolism and metaphors. Although some principles are quite clear, other messages and meanings are vague. They are left to our Divine Interpretation, our inner Truth.
As always, I want us all to think about the lives we are living. We should take nothing, including this excerpt, at face value. We should do research and discern The Truth for ourselves. The Truth and Divinity lie within all of us respectively, and the only true way to salvation, in my opinion, is to be in touch with oneself and to live our lives in our own Divine Light as known by us, not taught by others. 🙂 Proceed with an open mind.
Few Find Heaven’s Kingdom (11,6-12,7)
When we heard this, we were delighted. We had become gloomy because of what we said earlier. But when he saw us happy, he said:
“Woe to you who are in need of an advocate.
‘Woe to you who stand in need of grace.
“Blessed will they be who have spoken out and acquired grace for themselves.
“Compare yourselves to foreigners. How are they viewed in your city? Why are you anxious to banish yourselves on your own and distance yourselves from your city? Why abandon your dwelling on your own and make it available for those who want to live in it? You exiles and runaways, woe to you, for you will be captured.
“Or maybe you think that the Father is a lover of humanity, or that he is won over by prayers, or that he is gracious to one because of another, or that he tolerates whoever is seeking?
“He knows about desire and what flesh needs. Doesn’t it desire the soul? The body does not sin apart from the soul just as the soul is not saved apart from the spirit. But if the soul is saved from evil and the spirit is too saved, the body becomes sinless. The spirit animates the soul but the body kills it. The soul kills itself.
“I tell you the truth, he certainly will not forgive the sin of the soul or the guilt of the flesh, for none of those who have worn the flesh will be saved. Do you think that many have found heaven’s kingdom?
“Blessed is one who has seen oneself as a fourth in heaven.”

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