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(Chorus/ Hook)
Pull me close and hold me
Kiss my lips and stroke me
(Uh huh)
Whisper in my ear
Tell me what you never told me
(Uh huh)
Transcend this dimension
To another one would never see
(Uh huh)
Take me on your starship
Into the next galaxy
(Uh huh)
(Verse 1)
With that sparkle in your eye
Sending chills down my spine
You’re reading my mind just like a vampire
I feel like you see right through me
I told you that you have to wait
You said baby I can’t take it
You’re the next one I want illuminated
And now I feel you flowing though me
Like the stars in the sky
You keep me mesmerised
And where we are now is really no surprise
But boy you make me wonder
Do you want my heart or my soul
Or just my body to control
I must admit babe I really don’t know
And now we’re going under
(Verse 2)
Now we’re taking off
I don’t know what’s happened to me
You’re flowing through my veins and I’m losing my sanity
Oh my, I can’t believe it
Many have tried, many have failed
And many ships have sailed
You took me out of this world and prevailed
You’re the only one who could achieve it
Now that we have taken flight
The next world is in sight
I cannot wait until we arrive
It’s gonna be one hell of a ride
Closer to the end of night
Almost time to say goodbye
The galactic war has started, the stars have aligned
Baby give me your light
I need your love all over me
I want you to abduct me
But baby please
I want to remember
Everything we said
Everything we did
Your galactic love is surreal
But baby if I can’t
Then just take me forever

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