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What be the truth in the minds of many about those we call the “elite”?
We know on the surface that what we find are souls seemingly replete.
And yet within we find ourselves malnourished – without anything to eat.
We know full well that there is more to this life, but our search ends in defeat.
This world we see and live in now is defiled, to say the least.
I long for the day God brightens our way and the meek reap a great feast.
I attune to the great past when illumination was solely the way of life.
I wish for the days to return when we knew harmony instead of strife.
What be this truth we all seek in this life while searching from day to day?
What we seek is love – pure and unconditional – of God, not the mundane.
We endure much pain and seeming torture – yes, it’s sad to say.
We label each other evil, blame the devil for our hurt, not understanding the price to pay.
What we project to another we take into ourselves the thoughts and actions of the day.
Those who seem dark and evil are brethren souls who have no more than lost their way.
We must go forth in love and compassion, for this is the only way
For us to know the Light of God and awaken to brighter days.
Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, for talismans and charms we need not.
The power of God and all things around us flows through our blood, believe it or not.
We search so hard outside of us for power and glory that we already possess.
Those with eyes to see and ears to hear, the Lord shall surely bless.
And with the heart filled with love, may your body be fully charged.
Be magnetized completely so that you may do all works small and large.
See in your mind the outcome desired and then hold it firm in your heart.
Feel the outcome flow through your veins until you are ready to start.
When you are ready to release allow the love inside you to guide your will.
Attract what is for you or repel what is for another – then let God foot the bill.
Let go of the desire and release it to cosmic forces, for holding on makes the workings weak.
Go forth with your day, knowing Love is the way, and let God manifest that which you seek.
But faith without works is dead, my love, so don’t forget to work hard.
Use the talents inherent within you, so that you may do the will of God.
Know that with spiritually grounded steps what you sow shall reap great rewards.
Put on the full body armour of Christ, and with God’s Love move forward.

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