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Some way, some how, I lost myself in the mist of knowing my Self – but now, I am back in the fullness of My Self. Life takes various turns, and one thing that I have had to come to accept is that I fully chose all of these experiences for myself before I incarnated on this plane. We often find ourselves in situations where we wonder, why me? The answer to this question is, I chose this. Whether the choice was made in the moment in response to life’s stimuli or the choice was made before we came down through our mother’s tubes, we have to come to accept that all events in our lives take place because we chose for them to happen.
When we come to a place of retrospect where we can objectively review all of our experiences and lessons learned, we can then find how these events assisted in our spiritual growth and what part they play in the Divine Plan. As we collectively go forth in the planetary ascension process, it quickly becomes clearer what our individual roles are, our Divine purpose for living, and what all of our life happenings mean in the grand scheme of things. We eventually come to a point where we can make peace with all of our choices and the effects of actions taken. We come to a place of inner peace where we finally understand that we are not victims to circumstance, but co-creators in an infinite divine reality that chose various purification events that bring us to spiritual perfection manifested in the material world.
Going within and being one with one’s Self is key to coming to this revelation. As has been said by many spiritual teachers, prayer and meditation are key to getting to the place where one can officially say that he or she knows one’s Self. There is the Higher Self and the lower self – the Divine Self and the material self – the goal all of humanity has is to merge these two polarities of our individual existences in order to manifest complete and perfect beings. The goal is to find, create, and be balance. Our purpose is to create Divine Harmony within the universe that we are all micro-manifestations of.
Personally, I went within and found my Self. I came to a place where I officially came to know my Self. I then went back out into the world and lost my Self due to a lack of confidence that I had truly accomplished the goal. I allowed outer experiences to continue to affect my inner gnosis – but now, I have gone within once more and had many pep talks in order to be able to recreate my inner balance so that I may outwardly manifest what has been accomplished within. The journey within is difficult, but rewarding. The process of manifesting the perfection within to the existence without is a whole new journey within itself. And yet, it can be found that once true balance is achieved – as within, so without – then it is our duty to not only remain students of Cosmic Gnosis and infinite evolution, but also be teachers of gnosis to those who are not yet where we have gotten to. With knowledge and power comes responsibility, and what we receive in our journey must be paid forward.
We are all one in the universe – all parts of the greater sum. Ascension is a process, not a goal, and we are all on the path together. May we remember this fact, and go forth dwelling in light, life, and love. Be well, my beloveds. Go within and know thyself, and once you come to know, go forth into the new cosmic day and be thyself. The goal is not to just know, we must also be.

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