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Some schools of thought teach that the the lower terrestrial world of material existence is the place of the fire – hellfire to be exact. Although they don’t term it to be hellfire, when one takes a look at the typical diagram of the higher and lower worlds, one can easily conclude that this world of polarity and material existence is hell. When religious followers say that they don’t want to go to hell, could this mean that they don’t want to “wake up”? If we are already in hell by simply being in these physical bodies, seemingly separated from the Grand Architect, then going to hell would simply be conscious awareness of the hellfire one dwells in. This causes me to further wonder, were Dante’s 9 circles of hell really just imaginative descriptions or were they metaphors for his own personal experience and daily observations?
Sometimes it really seems as if those who choose to awaken to the truth about life and the mysteries of the universe tend to have experienced some extreme form of experiential hellfire, brimstone, and a loss of faith. Many tend to find their faith again on a new level, and others only find faith in tangible fact. We are all working to purify our souls in this world of perpetual darkness, but then, we could simply already be in a purification process whether we are consciously aware of it or not – considering this is hell and all – but this life doesn’t have to be hell alone, it can be heaven too. In all honesty, this life of polarity yields a balanced experience of both ends of the spectrum. Dark and light. Love and hate. Hell and heaven. We like to think there is a choice, but all of the universe contains both and everything in between, so who are we to think that we can get away from one or the other?
This hell is what allows us to know and understand heaven. The above can only be known by being below. We must allow ourselves to break free from our fear of flying. Break free from the fear of going into the darkness. Break free from fear of the the fire. These are all needed experiences so that we may truly know and understand the beauty of landing on solid ground, being in true light, and rising from the ashes due to the flames that burned us. Our lives are experiences of growth and purification, and we experience various levels of hell constantly. We can’t deny this fact. We must embrace it and go forth. In the end, we reach heaven, but we can’t really know heaven if we haven’t gone down into hell. Be brave. Be true. Be thyself. Be purified.

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  1. There is NO darkness ,just lack of light ! “YOU ” can NOT turn on darkness “you”may be in the darkness but “YOU” carry the” TRUE”light with “you” if you are a “LIFE” ! The “TRUE”light is the “part” of the “OTHER” ( Omnicient – Thought – Having – Essential – REALization ) and the “OTHER”is ” THIS” ( Theological – Harmonious – Initial – SOURCE ) . There is no cold just lack of heat ; heat can be added or subtracted but cold cannot. There is no hate just lack of Understanding not love but knowing the why is what allows forgiveness hence Love.
    FOLLOWERS of the GNOSIS of THIS. and the REASON LKBd 2

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