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I have had some interesting experiences lately. I have been meeting and connecting with various people from various locations. I have experienced a new way of seeing those I have known over a long period of time, and I have experienced a new way of seeing people that I have just become acquainted with. We are all individuals. We exist in this world in our own way. We love, we hate, we yell, we debate, we disagree, we agree, we agree to disagree and so on. What we as a collective seem to lack is the ability to fully acknowledge that we are all different and that we should respect our differences.
There are many individuals that I generally observe and/or keep in contact with via social networks that I attended grade school with. I often reflect on the persons we used to be, how we portrayed ourselves, what cliques we were a part of, etc. Then I compare who we thought we were to who we convince ourselves we are now. Many of us have done a complete 180, and we are the opposite of what we used to be. Some people I know didn’t change at all, and are still going through the same cycle. Others are pretending to live a life that they don’t in order to continue a reputation that only applied to grade school standards and views. I often observe posts from individuals that put down others in their same “social group”, others judge and disown former lovers, and some even bash family members. Although we are at a different point in our lives, many things seem to have not changed. Some of us have grown mentally and spiritually, and some of us haven’t.
My most interesting experience is with the people that I am now meeting on a daily basis. These individuals are very different from those that I grew up with. Some are extremely wealthy and successful, others are generally successful, many are enlightened in their own way, but they all provide their own unique experience for me. I connect to some, and I don’t connect so well to others. In any case, there is something to be learned from them all. Some of them provide a mentor/men-tee relationship, others are generally supportive, others are judgmental in their own limited views. I have had many encounters in which some of these individuals have come off as if they think they are “above” me, or better than me. I do acknowledge that there is something to be learned from everyone, but the “authoritative teacher” position doesn’t sit very well with me. Some of them are open-minded, and some simply aren’t.
One on-going theme that I have noticed within us all is that we become so consumed with our personal beliefs that we automatically oppose a different view point without consideration. We often argue each other down before we allow ourselves to see and think beyond what we perceive to know. This is not limited to spiritual knowledge; it also includes materialism, personal relationships, family relationships, jobs, success, religion and so on. I cannot say that I am not included in this, but I can say I acknowledge it in myself. One question we should all ask each other, as well as ourselves, is How do you know? How do I know? Can we really be truly sure of anything in this day and age? I can’t be sure of that, but what I do know is that I believe in life, love, and our individual perception of all that exists and doesn’t exist. We are all unique, and we all have our own points of view. We should be more willing to listen and take in information from each other. We should be willing to learn from one another. A disagreement does not mean that one person is right or wrong; it just means that two or more people see things differently. In the grand schemem of things, what’s really so wrong with that?

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  1. The only way to truly know is to have an open mind and to listen. As you stated, so many people are so consumed with themselves that other people don’t exist even though they are there. So, until people remove themselves out of the way, they may never know.

  2. Nothing is wrong with seeing different points of view in fact its healthy. if we all saw the same what a boring world this would be.. I feel many people come together for different reasons as we learn and grow and alter our perceptions about the way of the world.. Keep your Mind right open, For we will need that Open Mind as we travel into 2012..
    May I take this time to wish you and yours a Bright and Happy 2012 .. From a friend who drops by once in a while..~Dreamwalker

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