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Today was a little rough. The day started off well, I slept in and then went to do some small grocery shopping. Then I went to work. The day changed. The manager disturbed my spirit. She shook my energy. I was not happy. I get home in a funky mood to find my brother had been drinking. His dog ran out the door as I opened it and after I repeatedly called the dog, he ignored me. I told my brother to get his dog, he had a slow reaction, and then his dog was on my neighbor’s dog. SMH. STOP DRINKING!
The night gets even more weird. As I partake in certain extra-curricular activities, this random guy starts talking about a girl having to go to jail over having a blunt, and how she would have to give herself up to rough lesbians in jail. I was taken aback. Like, wtf? What was the point of the story? He did not have one, of course. Then they tell me that my brother was threatening the guy over how he planned on treating my cousin. It just got really weird.
Anyhow, I must get to my point. I have seen a troublesome day and things have me thinking. What is going on with people these days? No, seriously. As I am on Twitter I see a motley arrangement of moments. I just watch in awe. The things people say and think are so flabbergasting. I am appalled at what we have come to be as a human race at this point in time. We yearn for attention, positive and negative. We live to critique other people and vent about what negative feelings we have about a person. We are drawn to photos and small bits of information so that we may use it all against one another. Why? For what? We are not accomplishing anything greater for ourselves by going out of our way to demean one another. Myself included.
I haven even observed some people talk about me. Not that I am surprised, but my thing is, why do you feel a need to pay me so much attention, just to bad mouth me? Why would you do that to anyone? The whole kicker to the concept is, you HATE when people do that to you! Most claim that they love it, but we all know that saying that is just a defense mechanism. This is because, people go out of their way to say that they are not offended by certain comments and also retaliate. I know it sounds cliche’, but why can’t we all just chill out and be kinder to one another. There is no need to judge anyone, just live and interact. Coexist.
Face your insecurities and destroy them. Stop allowing your own negative mind about your self consume you.
I am okay with who I am. The question is. Are you?

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