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There is simply so much going on during this time that one almost cannot keep up; the events of late are happening at so rapidly that I won’t even waste my energy attempting to name at least half of them. What I will do is share with you a personal moment of reflection and contemplation. This is a very important and extraordinary time in human evolution that we are living in. We are experiencing a heightening in human and planetary frequencies. We are remembering our past and envisioning our future. We are recalling our past incarnations and imagining the incarnations to come – but what is most important right now is embracing the present moment.
Today during my evening commute home, I listened to my favorite tunes as usual, contemplated life and went into a mental fantasy land. I began to play songs that had strong relevance to past experiences of this lifetime, and I realized that I have just experienced a re-cap of all my incarnations up until this point within just 25 years. I feel like my experiences were just put into one bottle or capsule and during this incarnation that capsule was opened and everything just flooded out.
We all know someone that has lived a lifetime, or three, worth of events in just a few short years. We all have moments in which we feel like a year’s worth of events happened in just one month. This is the quickening – the review – and it’s also the opportunity to make amends with lessons to be learned from the past. In my experience I have come to find that once an individual passes the various “tests” presented in order to close a door of karmic cycles and all lessons have been learned, that person then goes forth to apply those lessons. The newly reborn and enlightened individual goes forth to teach what has been learned, and most importantly, the individual becomes a beacon of Light – a living example of what the evolved human being is to become.
The end goal isn’t to become a teacher or “guru” of sorts, it’s to become a heavenly being of Light incarnated on this physical plane. The goal of humanity is to bring the reality of Heaven to Earth – to fully realize the true meaning of “As Above, So Below.” We look into the night sky with great wonder and amazement, and we should be able to look at what is here on Earth with that same astonishment and humility. We cannot manifest heaven on Earth if we do not consciously work to reintegrate with our Higher Selves and The Source that all of existence originates from. We must connect and reconnect with Cosmic Consciousness and disconnect from this illusion of separation.
For some of us, this incarnation is the first of many to come. For others, this incarnation is just getting to the meat of what being Human is all about. For a few others, this is the last incarnation, and this life is to lead the other soul personalities here into the Light of The Golden Age so that true Heaven on Earth can be realized and experienced. Wherever we are on our path, we must continue. We must not give up on this world and those who dwell within it. We must not give up on our selves. As we grow and evolve, we must teach and lead those around us who need our assistance. We must go forth with Love, Light, and Care. The time to manifest The Kingdom into our direct reality is now here, and we must seize each and every moment. We must understand and appreciate the everlasting Now.
As I raise my vibration, I contemplate how I will be of service to humanity as I was chosen to do in this incarnation. I continue to do my work here with the Written Word, and I continue to send Light, Life, and Love to all of humanity. But I ask of you: how will you be of service to humanity? How will you be of service to yourself? Light your own fire and then share that Light with all that are able to perceive it! This reality is what we make of it. The truth of Heaven will be known, and it will be ours.
So Mote It Be!

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