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The darkness is where I dwell,
And I watch the souls around me.
I sit in my corner in the pits of hell,
Observing those begging to be freed.
I feel sorry for none,
None feel sorry for me.
I watch the lost souls,
Screaming to see.
They want to see the light.
They want to understand why.
They need to know the truth,
But all they know are lies.
And then, I arise.
I arise above the flames.
I return to Earth’s surface,
In search of more souls to claim.
I am not evil.
I am simply the truth.
I need you to repent,
Before my friends come to get you.
I live my life now,
So later, you won’t have to.
I put my soul into the open,
And I know what I must do.
I must continue.
I must continue to tell my story.
I must continue to allow all to see,
Every mood and emotion that dwells within me.
The privilege of being at the top,
Comes with a hefty price.
In one way or another,
It is one’s soul that must be sacrificed.
Some put their souls into their music,
Others place their souls into their portraits.
I pour my soul into my writing,
And I post it immediately so that you all may drink it.
Drink of my blood.
Drink of my tears.
Drink of my sweat.
Drink of my fears.
Indulge in my wrath,
And experience my pain.
I sold my soul to the masses,
And it is that which keeps me sane.
I maintain my balance.
I know that it takes a true strength to achieve,
The ability to tell all of the truth,
And leave no tricks up the sleeve.
Follow me.
Read my tweets.
Indulge in my blogs.
Allow yourself to see.
See the one you are afraid to look at in the mirror,
The reflection you run from daily.
I see you.
You will see you too. Within me.

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