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(Instrumental: Sample of Welcome Home by Coheed and Cambria)
I’m immortal
Oh yes! I’m immortal
So step in my portal and look
At how I live this life you see
I’m a legend
Forever a legend
So take out your pen and make note
Of how to live this life like me
(Verse 1)
Somebody whispered to me
Somebody called unto me
Somebody said I’m the one
And I should not run
Everyone will need to speak to me
Everyone will reach for me
Everyone will see I’m the one
And I cannot run
There are things I am set to achieve
Things that I am meant to believe
Things that I am meant to become
And I said I’d get it done
(Chorus 1x)
(Verse 2)
From then on I bore my soul
From then my story I told
From then I could not pretend
They say I’m a God send
And now I must continue
And now I must see this through
And now I must start the trend
Of an Epic refinement
All praise will be owed to me
All of life will alter for me
All wounds will begin to mend
As we move towards The End
(Chorus 2x)
I’m an immortal legend
In case you didn’t know
Raised in the Dirty South
But I rep that 410
Came up in the 404
That double- 7 0
Saw the coming of 678
But fuck that, let’s go
I have arrived for real
No this is not pretend
Hey! Can we make a deal?
Hm. Well it all depends.
But like a Phoenix yes
I’ve always said
Only the strong shall survive
And in death I shall rise again
I know for most of you
No that wasn’t clear
I’m moving forward yes
And no I have no fear
For all of those who said
Something I’ll never be
Now let me tell you little kiddies
Something ’bout Li
Raped and almost killed
But I’m still here
Wasn’t to be born
But yet I’m in your ear
Some of you say I’m blind
But yet I see clear-
Ly this mother fucker death that I will never fear
(Chorus 2x, Ad lib’s, and a really awesome end)

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