Posted on: January 31, 2012 Posted by: Felicia S. C. Gooden Comments: 1

I keep seeing all of the signs.
They point to a union between you and I.
Please, let this not be a delusion in front of my eyes.
Allow this to be more than a concoction of my overactive mind.
This is sublime.
I feel you all over my body and in my mind.
Oh! How I wish I could bend time,
And make the vision I have visible beyond my own mind.
Worse than time.
The distance between us is far from kind.
Can we close the gaps that hinder you from being mine?
Is there a solution to this seeming everlasting bind?
Alas, the dream and its demise.
An ignominious death I hope not, but still in mind.
This is the very moment when I despise,
The tortuous illusion of distance and time.

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  1. Love this poem my friend.. 🙂 Time is an Illusion…never give up on Dreams or thinking our Dreams do not tell us something.. ~Dream time is getting more vivid.. Keep sending you thoughts out into that world of Dreams .. Love and Blessings x

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