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An artist is a creator. A lover. A dreamer. A person with an epic mind and epic heart. An artist is a free spirit. The artist lives in the moment and experiences life. The artist sees every moment as inspiration. The artist takes every interaction and incorporates it into the next masterpiece. The artist is the one with the mind that is truly free. The artist is a loner, as most of those who are “normal” will never understand what it is to be a true creator. A thinker. A lover. A fighter. The artist is walking chaos and expression. It is art and life that keeps the artist alive.
The process of becoming an artist is the process of becoming one with the self. It is about knowing who one is mentally, emotionally, physically and psychologically. The artist is able to embrace all facets of life, including emotion, physical labor and movement, mental challenge, confusion, fulfillment and emptiness. The artist understands that life is going on all around him or her, not just where he or she is taught to recognise. The artist is separated from the mindlessness of the continuous rat race called “Getting Money” and achieving “The American Dream”. The artist is The American Dream. The artist is The Dream of Humanity. The artist is one with other people, animals, nature, space, the sun, the moon and the stars. The artist is freedom manifested.
The artist embraces one’s own light and one’s own darkness. The artist is not afraid to embrace his or her own dark side. The artist not only embraces his or her own darkness, but one expresses it as well. The artist falls in love with the dark side, and appreciates The Light. The artist is a free spirit, and a misunderstood soul. The artist is forever judged by others based upon the man-made criteria of what a person should be so that we all stay “in line”. The artist is free. Free in the mind, and free in the spirit. The artist is a philosopher, as the artist not only experiences life, but he or she observes what is going on around him or her. The artist finds inspiration in the good, bad and ugly experiences, and each form of expression is a philosophic view on what the greater meaning of any moment is.
Art is the expression of self and life. Art is life experience. Art is philosophy. Art is one’s soul being expressed in a way that simple speech cannot achieve. Art is the way to communicate to and through all the senses. Art is the language that is understood universally, as everyone is equally amazed by art and able to interpret it in their own way. Writing, photography, fashion, drawing, singing, dancing, spoken word, rapping and painting are all forms of art. They all are true forms of expression. Even though critiques can be given and techniques can be taught, true art has no structure or guideline. Real art derives from an abstract idea and manifests through personal expression. We are all artists; we all have talents; we all have passions. We all have something within us, a light, that is waiting to shine. We all have something dwelling within the dark pits of our souls that is waiting to come out and be shared with the world. We must not fear our darkness; we must embrace it. We must live it and love it. For it is the oneness with our dark side that allows us to find our light. Shine on! Become L’Artiste!

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