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Can you honestly say that you are alive? What does it even mean to be alive? We go through our day-to-day lives thinking that we are alive, but truly we only generally exist in time and space. We claim to participate in the world; we say that we are actively being a part of something bigger than ourselves, but most of us are doing nothing more than playing a simplified role in a complex world. What does it mean to truly be alive? What makes our minds churn and our bodies move? What is it that really causes our souls to be impacted?
We often find our daily interactions with the world and the elements in it to be what makes life worth living. This is true, but there is more to life than general acknowledgement. What does it mean to truly participate? We talk, but don’t listen. We half listen, then don’t respond. We hate without knowing love. We love without understanding self. We give in hopes of receiving. We help with expectations on gratuity. We share in order to hold grudges. We live, but we are not alive. We as humanity have retreated to the basics of survival. We are closed off, from ourselves and each other. Isolated from the world and the cosmos around us all.
In order to be alive, we must be open. We must have open minds and open hearts. We must have open spirits and allow our souls to be freed. We must not only speak, but also listen. We must listen, and give meaningful feedback. We have to step outside of ourselves for just one moment and experience what is around us. When was the last time any of us really sat outside and stared into the sky? When was the last time we participated in a moment of true day dreaming? There is a universe of stars and galaxy around us, and now it is more possible to participate in that grandiose wonder than it ever has been before, and in a physical state. However, we must remember that we as humans are made up of everything that the universe, especially our planet, is made of. Humans are the ultimate reflection of the planet Earth itself. We must detach from the physical realm of what is tangible, and feel what our souls feel. Experience the universe. Truly breathe in the air around us, as dirty as it is. We must truly drink the water that makes us, as polluted as it is. We must look into the eyes of an animal not with fear, but with curiosity. We must be fully exposed and open to the experience known as life.
There is more to life than this mindless game of Monopoly. There is more to love than the game of match up. There is more meaning to words than what can be found in the dictionary. There is more to music than the good beats that are accompanied by meaningless lyrics. There is more to fashion than looking good. There is more to automobiles than their price tag. There is more to family than blood. There is more to food then edibility. There is more to liquid than fluidity. Being alive is recognizing all of these things, and actively participating in the meaning, or discovering the meaning of everything we encounter. Being alive is acknowledging emotions and actually letting them flow. Livelihood is giving, having, losing and receiving all at the same time. Livelihood is participating in life beyond the physical. Being alive, truly alive, is dreaming everyday, and then being open to the small ways in which your dreams actually manifest. Being alive is acknowledging life with all of the senses. Physical and spiritual.

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