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It’s Valentine’s Day 2013 and love is surely in the air. At midnight, my mother sent me a text message saying that she loved me, and I went through the house giving everyone hugs and wishing them a Merry Valentine’s Day. In our house, this is a day about love. Period. As I commuted home from The Art Institute of Atlanta after my Art History class, I was pleased to see so many men with balloons and gifts for their special sweethearts. A young father was out with his three young daughters, and all three of them were dressed in pink and red attire. The mood is right, and love is in the air. Yet, there are still so many who are not being able to fully enjoy such a wonderful, loving day. There are the single, the lonesome and, of course, the heartbroken.
Many people enjoy ranting and raving about how they hate Valentine’s Day. They hate love. They hate people that are in love. Honestly, I think they just love to hate, but in any case, these feelings have valid origins. Most people have experienced the high school crush, the college infatuation, the lustful obsession with a co-worker, the first love, and so many other experiences of the heart. All of these have brought us to that fateful day when we had to come back to reality and admit that it just won’t work. The personalities don’t mix well, the bad habits are unbearable, or the usual he/she is a complete asshole! The most painful experience is often the unrequited love – when love becomes a one way street.
A dear friend of mine and I just had our own experiences with unrequited love. We had been toyed with, mislead, bamboozled – you get the picture. We had a chat one evening on Facebook Messenger and went back and forth speaking of our most recent heartbreaks. Now, while I express my emotions with words, he expresses his with music. So, during the conversation he stated that he wanted to play his latest tune for me to hear and give some feedback on, and so I did. I loved it! The melody played was amazing and it sounded like something I would expect to hear on my local rock radio station. Then, he went on to share his tentative lyrics, which touched me personally and were very fitting to the situations that both of us were dealing with.
A few weeks and many conversations later, he finally got his song completed, recorded, and put to a video. The video execution is clearly that of an amateur, but it works for him in ways. The genuine amateur presentation shows the message that, “I’m here and I’m working! Either you’re with me or not!” The sound quality of this video is also a bit inconsistent, as there are segments that are clear in audio and then a good chunk that sounds like someone blew out the bass of some speakers. His voice is not bad, but it could use some training. Trust me, we’ve all heard much worse. All he really needs is a little guidance on pitch and control. All in all, the song has hit potential – in my opinion anyway. The guitar solo is amazing – as one should be – and the song is very honest and real. Once you get passed the inconsistent sound levels and don’t take time to over critique the video concept, the song comes together and it’s truly something to listen and relate to. With a little vocal training, fine tuning, and professional audio mixing this is  surely a song to be on the look out for! Where are my talent scouts? We’ve got a star on the rise! Look out for the next great musician, Geoff with a G and hit hit “One Way Love”! 😉

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