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We are all Light beings, knowledgeable and powerful. The power of our mind is what makes us a bit different from the other species on this planet, but not so much different from other species in the cosmos. One thing that we all strive to gain more than knowledge is power. We want power over our selves, our lives, our environment, and often times each other. The paradox is, we want to know and have such power so badly, but when we gain that power, or activate it within ourselves, we either don’t believe it or we don’t know what to do with it.
My life has been an interesting journey, to say the least. I have seen and done many things in my time here on Earth. One thing I have done is avoid acknowledging my inner and outer natural powers. In my blog post, The Spirit of New York (11/14/2011), I elaborated on experiences that I have had with the spirit world such as hearing disembodied voices and so on. This is just once facet of my connection with other dimensions and realities. Throughout my life, I have experienced moments in which I realised that something I had foreseen in a “day dream”, or in an actual dream in the realm of sleep, had come to pass in real life. There was a physical manifestation.
For instance, when I was 16, I had a dream about going to San Francisco to see my mother in a house where my room had blue walls. At the end of 2011, an event happened and my mother’s home was repainted blue on the inside. It was painted a shade of blue close to what I saw in my dream, and my mother also had an opportunity to work in San Francisco at the time. Realising that elements from an old dream came to be a reality was an eye-opener for me to what abilities I had within my being.
In the last year or so, I have become more conscious of my ability to visualise something in my mind and then being able to create it with my hands, another physical manifestation of what I visually project in my mind. I have thought up positive things, such as a very tasty sandwich, and I have thought up negative things, such as a person who has hurt me in the past showing up at my door. This is very overwhelming as things good and bad can manifest from a simple thought. I have to be careful as this power is a bit tricky as well. There are moments when I consciously think something into existence, and there are moments when I unconsciously think something into existence. I speak things into existence as well. I can say a name or bring up a topic, and then something relevant will manifest, if not the person or thing itself.
I do not care to have power over any one other than myself. I really do not care to have power over anything other than myself. My powers are divine and they are real. They are becoming more apparent, and I am becoming more consciously aware of them, and embracing them as well. We are all Divine Beings. We all have power, knowledge and light within us. The time has come for us to fear ourselves no more. We must reconnect with Our Selves and our Greater Existence. We must believe what we see, hear, feel and experience. The time has come for us to become one with The All, and know that we are a part of something beyond what our minds can process at this time. Know Thy Self. Be Thy Self. Acknowledge your power within, and bring it without.

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  1. we are all evolving and our minds are the greatest tools ever given.. What we think we can create.. Keep sending your own thoughts out in love and light and we can achieve anything… Manifesting is getting stronger as our energies grow… This is a very well written post.. Just keep being true to ones self.. ALL is being revealed to those of us who have those open minds..
    Love and Blessings ~Sue Dreamwalker xx

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