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Where are you in life? Have you accomplished any of your personal goals? What do you have going for yourself? What are you doing? All of life is about mindset. When in the right mindset, one can accomplish much and achieve greatness. Where is your mind right now? Are there happy thoughts? Any ambitious thoughts? Or are you thinking about what you are going to wear to the club this weekend? Are you budgeting out your paycheck so that you can pop bottles in VIP? Are your bills paid? Are you investing your capital or wasting it? What are your priorities? Where is your mind?
All of life is a mind game. If one’s mind is not in the game, one will never win. Social classes don’t exist only because of income, they exist because of mindset. Today, believe it or not, every person in the world has an equal opportunity to achieve success in America. One just needs to have the right mindset. I cannot deny that there are some short cuts for some people, and I cannot deny that there are extra hardships for others. However, it is the state of one’s mind that makes the difference, not the journey. Many of the poor have a poor person’s mindset. They blame the government for not doing enough, they blame those who have succeeded for not offering a handout and they blame those around them for not being of enough service to them. Poor people tend to feel hopeless, and they usually remain in their despair. They will have children in hopes that the children will one day succeed and save them from their despicable existence. They refuse to take responsibility for themselves and the situation that they have put themselves in. There are some individuals that live poor, but are not poor mentally because they are happy with the little things in life, but with that mindset, those people are truly not poor. Only financially poor.
Next we have the middle class and the upper middle class. There is not much difference between the two. These classes consist of the individuals and families that live in their little suburban boxes and feel that they are living the American dream. There are also some that feel that what they have is still not enough. In any case, the mindset of those in the middle class is what makes the middle class unique. Most of those in the middle class believe in going through school, going to college and obtaining a degree in a well paying industry. Others in the middle class are hungry. Although they enjoy their comfortable living, or semi comfortable living, they still want more. They either want to stop living paycheck to paycheck, or they simply want to have all the riches and wealth that those of the private sector do. They are ambitious. Some grow up and work towards being an all star athlete, or making their children become all stars. Others work to put a studio in their homes and try to take over the music industry. There are also those who are innovators, and they sit at home and create and invent something new that could be useful to the masses, even if it is as simple and a self cleaning sponge. There are also those who work to build their own businesses, or work hard to be at the top of another business. The down side to the middle class mindset is that there are a lot of “wanna be” people, the ones that want everything, but do not want to put in the work for it. They are the ones that sit at home, watch television and allow themselves to become so brainwashed by what is being shown to them that they try to emulate what they see and believe that their media molded mindset is what will bring them easy greatness. Although the mindset varies, the outcome is often limited.
Finally we have the upper class and private sector. Those who have always had the mindset “don’t stop until it’s done”. They are the ones who were bred of ambition and live, eat, breathe and sleep success. They have the mindset that they are kings and queens. Often times they actually are. The key to this mindset is that they know that they will be hated. They know that they will be envied. They know that much will be sacrificed. They know that they will more than likely be alone. It does not matter how many fans they have, or how many paid friends they have. They know that the top is lonely, and they are not afraid of that.
The main issue with mindset is that most people depend on the approval of their peers. They need the gratification of knowing that their families and friends approve of what they have said or done. People are often too worried about what people will like, instead of what they themselves enjoy. Many have their priorities out of order because they want to participate in being one of those who go to the club every weekend and buy out the VIP section, as glorified in their favorite song. Many watch television and see that exploitation of their lives is the way to get rich. Too many individuals listen to today’s degrading music and believe that working in strip clubs, hanging out in the studio, outwardly expressing one’s slutty habits, doing drugs and drinking lots of alcohol is the way to live life. There are way too many followers in the world. There is no sense of knowing oneself and being comfortable enough with oneself to express one’s inner beauty and talents. Those who are successful do what they love to do, and they never stop doing it. They never allow the ridicule and criticism of others to destroy their dreams. They do not look to the media or their peers for the best “get rich quick” scheme. Those who are successful look inside of themselves. They take responsibility for their own lives, and they learn from their mistakes. Those who succeed are not afraid to fail. Every failure is another step toward success. Every critique is advice for improvement. Every “hater” is a person that is envious of the fact that one is willing to continue to push forward.
No one keeps us down more than we keep ourselves down. No one hinders us from achieving the greatness that we were born with but us. We are the ones that allow the opinions of others to tear us apart. We are the ones that tell ourselves we can’t when deep down we know that we can. We are the ones who are afraid of ourselves. We are afraid to face our fears. We are afraid to face our own souls. We are afraid to admit the we are wrong and that we need improvement. We degrade ourselves and glorify being judgmental hypocrites. We choose to be trashy instead of classy. We choose to fail instead of continuing until we succeed. We choose to lose instead of win. All of life is about mindset. I have set my mind on winning. Where is your mind? What is it set on? Either change your mind and change your life, or believe and achieve.

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  1. Such an insightful post, definitely got me thinking! I couldn’t agree more to be honest; we have so much more control over our lives than some of us are aware; and like you said – with the right mindset there’s no reason for us to think otherwise.

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