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If I were to ask you to mirror me, would you be able to take on the task?
Reflecting back what lies beneath is really not much to ask.
Being yourself and being brave enough to share with me your insight,
I humbly ask that you look within and help bring my darkness to light.
For all the days I’ve looked for answers and all the nights I’ve wept.
I beg of you to help me face the darkest secrets I’ve kept.
For fear of judgment from the world, I’ve kept so much within.
I want to release it once and for all, but I don’t know where to begin.
So mirror me please; show me the things that I refuse to see.
Bring me face to face with all the demons that dwell in me.
I cannot fight! I will not fight! Although I know I will try.
Make me see the things in me that cause me to live a lie.
You, my friend, you know me well, especially things of my past.
You, I know, will tell me the truth so I can be free at last.
Reflect to me what I need to see, and I shall knock down the wall.
Emancipated from all the strife and confusion once and for all.

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  1. Prefer mirror the world as a place of learning, not battle, not judge and not judge me, but I try and Facilitate learning from my, love life and this learning process, I try to exercise the cheerful atmosphere, tranquility and, if Necessary use leisure and meditation, to reduce stress these learnings.

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