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It is now October, my favourite month of the year. October is the only month in which death is celebrated. The spirit of All Hallow’s Eve (Halloween) resonates throughout America, and the world. On any other day, death is a sad and depressing concept the most of the living attempt to avoid talking about, but during the month of October, people are elated to go to cemeteries and dress as the living dead in order to celebrate those who have passed and the spirit world that exists along side us. I love the festive environment, but death is fascinating to me all year round.
Just as I love life, I love death as well. Honestly, I love death more. Death is the one concept that no man on Earth can truly explain. Humanity has done many studies on death, but we have only gotten as far as the physical understanding of death. Medical Examiners perform autopsies in order to determine the physical cause of death, but just as there are multiple facets of life, there are multiple facets of death as well. There are often times when even physical death cannot be explained. Cases of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and Sudden Death are cases that say a person just stopped breathing. Their life was over, and that was that. Can humanity truly explain how and why people just stop living, at any given moment?
The mystery of death is uncanny. Some individuals claim that they have died and come back, but no one can truly explain to spiritual process of death. Each individual experience with death is as unique as one’s own experience in life; therefore, there cannot be a standard set in the experience of death beyond the physical experience. Also, since most are unable to explain the true process of death through study, no one can really explain the physical process of death via experience. I have had a friend tell me that she died momentarily during a hospital visit. She explained that she felt like she was floating and that she saw a bright, white light. This is what most people claim, but since my life experience is different from hers, my death experience will be as well. Thus, I cannot say that I know what to expect during my passing based upon her experience.
What makes death so unnerving is that there are so many unknowns. The one known is that once we die, there is no coming back to the original life that we have passed on from. This notion is very nerve wrecking and scary. Yet, it is exciting as well. Most people fear what they don’t know, so death is made out to be a grim and depressing experience, mainly due to the selfish feelings and neediness of the living, but death can also be exciting. We should try to look at the positive side of death. Our souls are no longer bound the these physical bodies which experience the ongoing torture of fluctuating emotions. Our bodies will be at rest, and we will transcend into the eternity of the spirit world. There will be no slavery, paid or unpaid. We will be able to truly see evil and demons and stay away accordingly. We will be able to look over and protect loved ones in a way that we could not when we were alive in the physical world. There is so much good to death. Honestly, we should celebrate it more.
My favourite physical facets of death are burial grounds and cemeteries. They carry so much history. I love the old cemeteries that hold graves that date back to the 1600’s. One is able to see the name and dates that someone had lived, and then one can imagine what that person looked like, what life was like in those days and so on. History is moving and important. History contains the best stories that man could ever create. Cemeteries are live history. One is able to literally walk through centuries of experience and moments. One can stand in a cemetery, be still and quiet, and be able to take in the energies of events that may have taken place there. Death and the history that it leaves behind must be embraced, not feared.
My first poem was entitled death; it was my first published work as well. The truth of death is concrete, everyone and everything dies eventually. However, with this universal truth, there are still hundreds if not millions of unknowns. Death is an experience, just as life is. Death is the compliment to life; it is the opposite of life, but it should not be viewed as evil. Death is natural. Death is true freedom. Death is the transition that everyone looks forward to, but is too afraid to be in a rush to go through. Death experiences are specific to individuals the same as life experiences are. Those who fear death the most are in constant search of ways to achieve immortality. Physical Immortality. But is it not possible that true immortality, Spiritual Immortality, is to be achieved through death? One must have the Death Experience in order to find out. For all truth lies in experience. The cyclical unknowns of death is what makes it so exciting!  Unlike most, I am infatuated with death. I love it, but like most, I am not quite ready to experience it yet. Until then, be curious and be open. Celebrate life and death equally each and every day, while you are alive that is. Hopefully, I’ll see you on the other side. 😉

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