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After watching the HBO Documentary Mann vs Ford, I have been inspired to truly get to the bottom of why my people, the Ramapough Lenape Indian Nation, have been treated the way that they have been for centuries. So what’s the story? My life. Not so much an anthology of what I have gone through and experienced day by day, but more so the history of me. Where I come from and what I understand of it. My ancestry and how it relates to who I am today. Stating the facts: good, bad and ugly,  where I come from genetically and not being afraid to know it.
Nothing leaves an individual or generation of people more lost in their lives and mindset of who they are than not knowing where they come from. I grew up lost and misguided. I grew up away from my family, somewhat isolated. For most of my life, I could not understand why I did not fit in the way that I would have liked to. I wondered why I was so different. I wondered why I was always the outcast. I wondered why the things that worked for my peers did not work for me. Now, at the age of 24 I know the answers to all of these questions. I am not from here, Stone Mountain, GA. I am nothing like my peers, and my background is much different from the backgrounds of most people I know. I am truly unique and so are my relatives, my tribe and my clan.

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  1. Nice reading this. I tried to elplaine to my kids the history of my father and the Ramapough Lenape Indian Nation that he comes from. I grew up with the last name Suffern and very little knowledge other than I knew I had a tribal card growing up. I did some research along with a teacher that I work with last year and to my 5 kids and myself were issued new tribal cards. They are now proud to show there cards to friends and co-workers.

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